Can Your Horoscope Sign Change?

Are astrology signs changing

Your horoscope sign is determined when you are born. At the moment you take your first breath, the Sun, the Moon, and the planets all sit in various signs of the zodiac. They form a pattern in the sky, which astrologers capture virtually in a computer program or else on paper when they create your birth chart.

Horoscope Sign: Fixed At Birth

Whatever sign the Sun occupies at the moment you come into earthly life is your horoscope sign. It's also called your Sun sign, your astrology sign, or your zodiac sign…or simply your sign.

Does Your Horoscope Sign Change?

If you're like many people, you already know your sign and may have read forecasts for it online or in a newspaper or magazine.

In the past few years, you may have heard that your sign is changing. That's because a Minnesota astronomer who didn't know much about astrology announced in 2011 that his observations of the stars revealed that the constellations as we've known them for thousands of years are off by about a month because they have shifted backwards from where they were 2,000 years ago.

In 2015, more rumors swirled about astrology, this time about the existence of a supposed 13th sign, Ophiuchus. Many, many people worried their sign had changed.

Your Sign Is Still The Same

Despite this rumor, your horoscope sign is still the same as it ever was. That's because western astrology (the dominant astrology in the U.S. and the rest of the western hemisphere) is based on the seasons, not the actual position of the stars and constellations.

All astrologers are aware that the stars' positions have shifted backwards a bit in the past 2,000 years. Today, when we say the Sun is in the early degrees of Aries, for example, it actually is moving through the sector of the sky that holds the constellation of Pisces. The difference now between the signs' sectors and the constellations they're associated with is about 24 degrees (out of 360 total degrees for the vast circle or dome of the sky that surrounds our Earth).

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The One Exception

There's just one exception. If you were born at the edge or a sign, it's possible that you may have assumed you were one horoscope sign when in reality you were the one right next to it. That's because people born on the edges of the signs must verify which sign they truly are. The Sun's movement between signs occurs at slightly different times from year to year, and sometimes it may be up to two days earlier or later than usual.

You can find out more on this topic—and see how to check your sign—in our post about What Astrology Sign Am I?.

Horoscope Signs Table

In the meantime, here's a quick way to check what your sign is. This table applies to everyone not born at the edges of the signs.

21 March - 20 AprilARIES Get Report
21 April - 21 MayTAURUS Get Report
22 May - 21 JuneGEMINI Get Report
22 June - 22 JulyCANCER Get Report
23 July - 22 AugustLEO Get Report
23 August - 23 SeptemberVIRGO Get Report
24 September - 23 OctoberLIBRA Get Report
24 October - 22 NovemberSCORPIO Get Report
23 November - 21 DecemberSAGITTARIUS Get Report
22 December - 20 JanuaryCAPRICORN Get Report
21 January - 19 FebruaryAQUARIUS Get Report
20 February - 20 MarchPISCES Get Report

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41 comments on “Can Your Horoscope Sign Change?”

  1. Am I an Aries or not? because it says I am but my birthday is April 28th so I don't know if it's has changed?

  2. I'm a cancer because I'm born on july,6th but I have a personality of a Leo so which one am I then?

    1. Hello, Tai. Thank you for writing! Yes, being born July 6 you're definitely a Cancer. If you have the personality of a Leo, be sure to check your rising sign/ascendant, which you can find out on your free birth chart as long as you know your exact time of birth (along with the exact date and place you were born). You can get your free birth chart here:

      Also, when you get your chart, check to see if you have other planets or points in Leo. Have fun exploring!

  3. Am I a Gemini or a Taurus because I was born on May 21? The reason I'm asking is because my mom says I was born a Gemini and am now a Taurus.

    1. Hello, Abygail. Being born on May 21, you are right at the edge of two zodiac signs: Taurus and Gemini. You were born either one or the other, and your sign does not change. It will stay the same your entire life.

      Which sign you are depends on when the Sun changed signs in the year that you were born - that can vary by a few hours or a day or so, depending on the year. (The time and date that the Sun moves into all the various zodiac signs fluctuates every year by a few hours or even a day or so. It's always a little different from month to month and year to year.) To answer your question for sure, and know for certain whether you're Taurus or Gemini, you will need to know your exact time of birth as well as the exact date and place. As soon as you have your birth information (exact date, time, and place), go here to get a free copy of your birth chart:

      If you need help locating your birth time, see this page in our FAQs:

      Also, any of our reports will tell you what your Sun is, as long as you provide your exact birth information (date, exact time, place). A report is a great resource to help you interpret your chart. Get details here:

      Thanks for getting in touch. Write back to let us know which sign you are!

  4. Is the Ascendant the only thing that will change based on where you were in the world when you were born? For example, if I was born at 9am on a particular day in the US and a friend of mine was born at 9am on the same day but in Denmark, those are two completely different Ascendants, correct?

    1. Hi, Lisa. Depending on the two locations, the ascendant sign could be the same - but a different degree. Or the ascendants could be different signs, as you mentioned. Given that the ascendant is affected, that means the descendant automatically is affected. (They form an axis of two opposites.) Also, the other two angles in a chart are affected: the midheaven and nadir. Like the ascendant-descendant, they form an axis of opposites. These four points in the chart (the four angles) are quite powerful, so knowing their exact sign and degree is important in understanding the birth chart as well as the effect of transits and progressions (and the timing associated with changes that affect those angles). Also, depending on how different the various house cusps are between two locations, some or all of the planets can be in different houses. So just like real estate, "location, location, location!" is key in astrology.

  5. I am born on April 20
    I believed that I belonged to aries. Now when 2020 began I see April 20 in Taures column in online and newspaper.

    Am I Aries or Taures ??

    1. Hello, Ajith. Thank you for posting your question. The dates given in columns online and in newspapers are approximate. That's because the time (and often the day) the Sun changes signs for each zodiac sign throughout the year varies by anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of days. Anyone like you, who was born at the edge of a sign, needs to verify your actual sign by getting a copy of your birth chart. To get a completely accurate chart, you will need the exact time of day that you were born (along with the day, year, and location). You can get your birth chart free here:

      Also, see this article for more information about people born at the edges of signs (often called being born "on the cusp"): You are definitely either Aries or Taurus - sometimes the Sun enters Taurus on the 19th (as it did this year), and sometimes it's on the 20th. So you will need to check to make sure. Please write back once you check your chart to let us know which sign you are! Thanks again for commenting.

  6. Hi! So I’m was born in February 26, so that mean my sign Is gonna change to Aquarius? I hope not because I love to being a Pisces and I’m proud of my sign. My personality is more like a Pisces than Aquarius.

    1. Good news for you - you're still definitely a Pisces! Such a wonderful sign - thank you for visiting the site and commenting! (And happy birthday to you! Hope it was the start of a great new year for you.)

  7. Hi! I am born 5thvof may and it makes me a Taurus. I have found I dont like it, it causes me so much difficulties. I feel like i am trapped inside of a taurus horoscope with a mind that wants to do a lot of things because i have staying the same. I want more experiences and face the unknown. Still it makes so uncomfortable. Is there a way for me to cope with this or is it a possibility i am not a taurus?

    1. Hi, Jenni. Yes, if you were born May 5, you're definitely a Taurus. Also, keep in mind that you are more than your Sun sign (Taurus) - you have many other planets in your birth chart, and they bring other energies that you can use and experience to balance the Taurus energies. You can get a free copy of your birth chart here:

      Another reason you may feel uncomfortable: Uranus, the greater change maker and awakener, is in Taurus and will stay there until 2025. I've written a very detailed article about this planet's time in Taurus - including horoscopes for every zodiac sign - to help manage this challenging energy - check it out here:

      You may find it helpful to get two reports about your birth chart: a natal report (which will tell you much about your personal astrology and your birth chart) AND a forecast chart (which will map out either the next three months or the coming year to help you know what's coming and how to make the most of your astrology and current planets). You can learn more about our astrology reports here:

      In addition, you might want to consider a custom astrology reading to get a completely in depth look at your chart and all its possibilities. I offer three types of readings - here's a link for an astrology reading:

      Also, if you're not already on my mailing list, you can sign up here:

      Thanks again, Jenni! Wishing you wonderful experiences with your astrology!

  8. hi! i was born on the 28th of december which technically makes me a capricorn, but i have never fit any of the traits. i have, however, always strongly identified with the traits of a sagittarius, the sign right before mine. i was wondering if anything could explain that because i’ve always searched for an answer. i was born two weeks past my due date, but i’m not sure if that could have anything to do with it because i am new to all of this. thanks!

    1. Hello, Elizabeth. Yes, being born December 28 definitely makes you a Capricorn! If you identify strongly with Sagittarius, it would be helpful for you to look at your birth chart, which you can get for free here:

      After you get your chart (by email), scroll down on that page to find the charts listing zodiac sign and planet symbols. Then look at your chart to see if you have planets in Sagittarius, or have your ascendant/rising sign in Sagittarius. Or if you have planets in the 9th house. Also, you would definitely benefit from having your chart analyzed. A report is a great way to start! See here for information about how to choose an astrology report:

      Thanks for writing and have fun with exploring your astrology!

  9. I was born on the 27th of July, a LEO and proud to be, i don't want to change into any other Zodiac( with respect to all of them), this really is upseting me, this new change should be for the newly born, but for those who were already born should have the right to stay in their Zodiacs 😊

    1. A Leo - wonderful! You will definitely always be a LEO, and the zodiac is staying the same for everyone, no matter whether they were born a while ago or are being born now. Thanks for visiting and for commenting. And happy belated birthday to you!

  10. Excuse me
    I want to ask a question
    I was born on November 16 which means i am a scorpio but i heard that the zodiac sign changes so i want to ask is my sign gonna change because i really don't want ??

    1. Hello, Mohammed. Thank you for writing.

      If you were born November 16, you are definitely a Scorpio. And you will always be a Scorpio! Every now and then, there's talk about the signs changing - and that information is incorrect and based on a misunderstanding of astrology and how it works. As you can see in my article above on this page, the date ranges for all the signs remain the same, always. So, again, you are a Scorpio, and you will stay one!

      You may want to check out the Scorpio article, "Scorpio Time: Take The Journey Within," and the Scorpio Meditation:

      Scorpio article:
      Scorpio meditation:

      Thanks again for writing - so good to hear from you, Scorpio! 😀♏️

  11. Hey, just a question. I'm a Virgo (21.sep) and I'm thinking about getting a virgo sign tattoo. I'm worried I could become Libra at some point, in which case the tattoo would be kinda awkward. Is that even possible?

    1. Hello, May.

      That's a good question! With a 21 September birth date, you were born near the time the sign changes from Virgo to Libra. If you have your birth chart, created using the exact time of day you were born, plus the exact day and year and location, you will have an accurate birth chart that tells you for sure what your sign is. And it will always be the same sign for you, throughout your life. (NOTE: This is for traditional western astrology, as practiced in most of the western hemisphere, which is what you'll see on websites like mine and in newspapers and magazines; in vedic astrology, a type of astrology practiced in India and some other parts of the world, the sign calculations differ significantly.)

      You can double check your sign (in western astrology) with our free birth chart service:

      Click Now To Get Free Birth Chart

      Have fun with your chart! And if you do get your tattoo, reply with a picture!

  12. I was born on April 20, which makes me an Aries at all, but I don't resonate with that sign. I am almost completely Taurus. Any explanation for that pls?

  13. I don't believe that i am a gemini because my birth month is on june 21 and some says that i am a cancer and a gemini i am really confuse and when i see the characteristics of gemini and cancer the cancer is more accurately telling my personality

    1. Thank you for getting in touch, Hallo. Yes, you're right at the edge of two different signs - Gemini and Cancer. You may very well be a Cancer! When you're born so close to the time the Sun changes signs, it's a good idea to check for sure what your sign is. You can do that right now on our Free Birth Chart page. You'll find easy instructions there on how to do it, instantly, with our free chart service. Click this button to go to the page now:

      Free Birth Chart

  14. I was borned in 30 june,2000.but my zodiac sign in taurus, why?i am confused about my sign..

    1. If i was born on 25th December what does that make me cause some say capricorn some say Sagittarius

      1. Hi, Shanaia. Thanks for getting in touch. You are definitely Capricorn if born on 25 December, according to the dates for western astrology (the most common type of astrology in the western hemisphere and various parts of the eastern hemisphere). That's the astrology you typically see used for newspaper and magazine astrology columns as well as online, particularly in the U.S., U.K., Australia, and other western-influenced parts of the world. Very interesting times for you: the eclipses are falling in Cancer and Capricorn these days, so the one coming later this month will be in YOUR sign, Capricorn. See if anything shifts for you this month and in the next 6 months!

        1. Hey Anne, my name is Shaun Anthony Donnelly, I am fostered and I was born in St. Mellon’s Hospital in Cardiff, Wales, U.K on June 4th, 2003, and I am 16 years old and I am really excited to turn 17 in June 2020 and I have been very excited for a while. Being born on June 4th, 2003, makes my Zodiac Sign//Sun Sign a Gemini. I am a devoted Gemini and share everything with Gemini’s traits and likes and dislikes, and I am becoming more fascinated and interested in Astrology and the Zodiac Signs as well as other things such as Numerology. I am a very loyal, curious, respectful, funny and trustworthy person, and I am honest, adaptable, outgoing and adventurous. I have many hobbies such as Gaming, Football, Basketball, Drawing, Art, Listening To Music, Reading Gaming Magazines, Watching Movies, Going To Arcades, Bowling, BMX and Skateboarding (when I turn 17), and I am very sociable and communicative and enjoy making new friends. However, I wanted to ask if there is any potential way I could be a Sagittarius too, for example, maybe in Ascendant//Rising Signs. The reason why I am asking this question is because although I am a devoted Gemini, I very much associate myself as both Gemini and Sagittarius with maybe a bit of Aries being competitive Cancer being emotional, and Leo wanting to stand out and be a confident person. I get nervous going out places and I get stressed and feel anxiety because I am trying to get my confidence up when going out to new places, and I am learning to adapt to new places and situations and I am learning what I should say and where I should pay. I am really hoping when I look back at my birth certificate that I will be born early 10PM from 10PM-10:20PM, as I have checked a few websites giving my Sun, Rising and Moon Sign, and if I was born around that time frame I will be Sun Sign: Gemini, Rising Sign: Sagittarius and Moon Sign: Leo.
          Is there any possibility that I could be Gemini and Sagittarius. I am also thinking of getting myself a Gemini Necklace and maybe some clothes in future to show my devotion to my sign. Also, does your zodiac sign ever change or does it stay the same as that is something that I am stressing about, and I have just recently read a article on it and I am hoping it isn’t true and is all fake. Any replies would be really helpful and I’d appreciate it very much. -Shaun//SD

          1. Hi, Shaun! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences about Gemini and Sagittarius. Yes, as you say, you're definitely a Gemini! And in this lifetime, you will always remain a Gemini - you can let go of all that stress! BUT: Did you know that every one of us also carries our opposite sign as part of how we operate? That's because all the zodiac signs operate an an axis, with signs exactly opposite each other forming an axis. So for a Gemini, the opposite sign is...Sagittarius. So no wonder you feel so in tune with Sagittarius. Also, it would be a good idea to take a look at where you have the planet Jupiter in your chart (Jupiter rules Sagittarius) as well as all the points you mentioned in your comment - rising sign, Moon sign. Also, check the midheaven, which is the sign on the cusp of the 10th house, right at the very tip top of your birth chart.

            Here are some resources you will find helpful:
            . Get your free birth chart here:
            . All about Gemini:
            . Gemini guided meditation:
            . All about Sagittarius:
            . Sagittarius guided meditation:

            Also, a birth chart report (natal report) could really help you:

            Thanks again, Shaun! And have fun exploring the site and your astrology. When you find out about your chart, I hope you'll write back with details about what you find out!

            Have a great weekend - and again, have fun!

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