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I write about astrology - one of the world's oldest and most reliable self-improvement tools - to help you create a better life and be more successful.

Hymn To Aton

The Hymn To Aton video celebrates an ancient poem by a long ago pharaoh. Tap into your spirituality and the Sun's beauty now with this uplifting video, which features Anne's spoken word, original paintings, and colorful nature photography…

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Sonnet 73

Sonnet 73 is one of William Shakespeare's most beautiful and moving poems. Enjoy Anne's autumn-themed video of this poem, which includes her spoken word narration along with sound effects with nature photography and video…

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Thanksgiving With You Video Celebrates Annual Time of Gratitude

The touching, nostalgic Thanksgiving With You song: enjoy it here in a video created by Anne Nordhaus-Bike and featuring her original nature photography and her signature autumn leaf oil painting…

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More Astrology For Time Management Video

See the More Astrology For Time Management video for easy ways to tune in to the Sun, Moon, and Mercury to manage your time and your life. Includes great, uplifting tips for using art in surprising ways: to help balance your life and better use the time you have…

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Astrology For Time Management Video

Anne's first appearance on Jo-Anne Vandermeulen's radio show earned raves from Vandermeulen, who called the approximately 40 minute interview her "best show ever." Now, the podcast from that show has been turned into a video filled with even more helpful astrology. See it now…

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