Aries And A History Of Violence

Aries time - history of violence

Is there a connection between astrology and a history of violence that tends to occur in April?

Specifically, Aries astrology and the Aries time of year?

The editors at, a digital news and culture platform, investigated this issue in light of continued incidents (including the March 2016 Brussels bombings).

Uproxx Interviewed Me For Aries Energy Astrology Insights

Uproxx senior writer and news editor Kimberly Ricci interviewed me for an in-depth article about violent acts occurring in April.

Ricci's article, The Cruelest Month: An Examination Of April’s Long History Of Terror And Violence, was published on the Uproxx site, which delivers a mix of long form and short form news, sports, music, and entertainment content and promises readers "a cultural reference or connection point you wouldn't find anywhere else."

News Patterns: Is April's History Of Violence 'In The Stars'?

Why have so many violent events happened in April? History seems to show a pattern of such incidents of global terror and tragedy. Is this a coincidence, or is there a connection? Could it have something to do with astrological energies, especially the forceful Aries energies that come at this time each year?

"We started this as a news-oriented feature to outline the significant tragedies that tend to cluster in April," Ricci explained. "We racked up over 25 instances to start, many of which involve terrorism. Instead of simply laying out the history, we wanted to pin down a theory on why this correlation occurs. So we decided to branch out and explore why this happens. Soon enough, we wondered if there was something 'in the stars,' which would bring a greater understanding of this phenomenon."

Ricci later quoted some of my thoughts during the conversation I had with her: "Aries energy is like rocket fuel: it's incredibly powerful and fiery. It can inspire us and help us accomplish great deeds. But if we misuse this power, it can lead to tragedy, as we've seen in many historical events in late March and the first three weeks of April."

Get The April - Aries Connection

In fact, Ricci quoted me extensively in her article about Aries astrology, making the April-Aries connection throughout when it comes to humanity's long history of violence and terror.

Also in the story, you'll find my comments on the role of the full Moon and astrological details about the Oklahoma City bombing. I also stressed the importance of free will and using Aries energies for noble ends.

Check out the Uproxx site now to get all my insights on this topic and to learn why this time of year can be so volatile—and yet so filled with potential for positive change when we harness Aries's great energies constructively.

To read the article now, go to The Cruelest Month: An Examination Of April’s Long History Of Terror And Violence

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