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Learn Astrology In 24 Minutes

Here's a super simple "intro to astrology" course. In 24 minutes, learn astrology details on everything from your Sun sign to Moon and rising signs to Mercury retrograde. Check out this video podcast from my guest appearance with psychic medium and motivational speaker Elias Patras on Facebook Live. It's a fun filled, high energy experience that teaches you astrology - and leaves you smiling and uplifted!

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Balsamic Moon Phase - Time To Rest, Reflect

Moon phases have major impact: just ask anyone working an emergency room about the full Moon, and you'll hear they're stressful and busy. Did you know there's another, little known Moon phase you can use to actually cut stress?

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Karmic Past Life Report

What you don't know about your karma and past lives can hurt you in this lifetime. Get the details (including your blessings from "good karma") in the Karmic Past Life Report.

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How Can I Find Out My Birth Time?

You can get a lot out of astrology just knowing your zodiac sign. To dig deeper into astrology's mysteries, it helps to know an exact birth time so you can use the most accurate birth chart. See how to find your birth time.

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Can Your Horoscope Sign Change?

Rumors sometimes spread about horoscope signs changing. This can happen when someone who knows little or nothing about astrology says that the astrology we know is wrong. But for some reason they usually retract this later.

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Where Did Astrology Come From?

Did you know that every important ancient culture developed some form of astrology? Get a historical overview of this fascinating art and science and see how great sages shared its wisdom across the ages and around the world.

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Which Zodiac Sign Am I?

The most important thing to know in astrology, regarding yourself, is your zodiac sign. Your zodiac sign also is called your Sun sign, star sign, or horoscope sign. You can find out yours right now with our handy chart.

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What Does It Mean To Be Living In Harmony?

You can achieve the wonderful state of living in harmony - as long as you take care of yourself. That means more than caring for your body - get details now.

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How Can Astrology Help Me Make Spiritual Progress?

When life feels stuck, astrology can help us get moving forward. Find out how your birth chart - and tracking the Sun's influence on it - can help you make spiritual progress and live your best life…

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Birth Chart Reports - The Top Three Kinds

Your birth chart is filled with mysterious symbols. But what do they mean? A personalized astrology report can help you understand your chart and its symbols. Find out the top three kinds of astrology and horoscope reports.

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Why Do I Have To Know All 12 Zodiac Signs?

You have 1 Sun sign, but you have all 12 zodiac signs somewhere in your birth chart. Get to know all of these signs - easily - simply by watching which sign the Sun is in each month. See how to do that and how it can pay off in your life!

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How To Choose An Astrology Report

An astrology horoscope report helps you plan your life, based on your birth chart. Natal, compatibility, forecast: which type is best for you? That depends on what you want to learn. Here's my advice on how to choose a report.

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Business Compatibility - Cosmo Compatibility Report

For career success, you need good working relationships. You can create great ones by using the Cosmo Compatibility Report to manage challenges while building on your mutual strengths.

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What If I Was Born On The Cusp?

Did you know that two people born on the same day of the year, in different years, can be two different signs? Being born on the edge of a sign (sometimes called "born on the cusp") means you need to verify your sign (because nobody's actually on the cusp!).

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How Can I Get A Copy Of My Birth Chart?

Get the link to our instant birth chart calculator, and you'll be on your way to understanding your personal astrology…

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