Why Do I Have To Know All 12 Zodiac Signs?

Do you really have to know all 12 zodiac signs?

Well, not really. But it really helps if you do!

Read on for an easy, fun way to know them all. Even without trying!

One "Sun Sign" — But All 12 Signs Are In Your Chart

Although you have just one Sun sign (that's the sign the Sun was in at the moment you were born), you actually have all 12 zodiac signs in your astrological birth chart.

To make the most of your chart, you need to become familiar with all the signs and do your best to express their best qualities.

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Get To Know All 12 Easily: Follow Which Sign The Sun Is In Each Month

The simplest way to do this is to pay attention to which sign the Sun is in each month. That means tracking when the Sun changes signs, which happens each calendar month in either the third or fourth week.

You can track the Sun's movements with our handy Current Planetary Positions article, which includes a handy Current Planets chart that updates in real time. (To update the chart at any time and see exactly which sign the Sun is in and what degree of that sign, simply refresh your browser.)

Then, during the astrological month, which is the period the Sun stays in a given sign, you have an opportunity to reflect on how well you're living up to the current sign's noblest qualities. You also can consider any adjustments you might need to make.

Through this process, you will increase your knowledge about all 12 zodiac signs, which will help you gain understanding about other people whose Sun signs differ from yours. This experience can give you valuable guidance to help you interact with others peacefully and constructively.

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How This Process Can Help You: Harmony, Health, Happiness

This monthly focus on one sign at a time will help you align yourself with the seasons and nature's cycles so you can bring yourself into balance. Over time, as you follow the Sun's journey through the zodiac each year, you will feel your life take on a more cyclical rhythm that will support your health and happiness on all levels.

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