Leo Horoscope 2020

Orange starry sky for Leo horoscope for 2020

Leo! It's a new year and time to welcome 2020!

You may have a busy year at work, with some unexpected changes and extra projects.

You'll also have plenty of chances for laughter and socializing - especially with old friends. Read on for your guide to 2020.

Work, Health

The mass of planets in Capricorn affecting your sixth house of work and health will keep exerting influence. Pluto showed up here in 2008, demanding that you change how you work (or possibly what you do and where). Saturn, which rules Capricorn, joined the fray in 2018, and late last year Jupiter chimed in when he settled in to stay in Capricorn for most of 2020.

During recent years, you may have had to carry more than your share at the office, working hard to live up to others' demands and expectations. Even if you work with others, you may have shouldered many burdens alone (or felt alone in assuming so much responsibility or a leadership position). Your hard work will begin to pay off, as Jupiter lightens the atmosphere and expands your vision. Also, the Sun and Mercury in this area as 2020 begins will add their lighter touch and make work more joyful.

If you stay the course and fulfill what you're called to accomplish, rewards will come, especially toward the end of this year. That applies to health, too. You may be working on one or more health concerns in recent years, having to stay on top of fitness, nutrition, and medical appointments in between meetings and deadlines. Stay with it, Leo, because all the streamlining will make your life easier - and make you happier and healthier.

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Fun Is On The Way

You may have felt extra pressure at work or regarding health due to the eclipses, which have occurred in Capricorn and Cancer (your twelfth house of solitude, psychological health, and spirituality) since late 2008. When eclipses happen at sensitive points in your chart, they trigger endings and new beginnings. You may have had to change doctors, exercise routines, eating habits, or work routines - all to fix or maintain health.

As of May, the eclipses will shift into Gemini (your eleventh house of friends and charitable work) and Sagittarius (your fifth house of children, pleasure, and romance). Because eclipses always involve the Sun, your ruler, as well as the Moon, you tend to feel them keenly (especially solar eclipses). Some of the pressure will lift because you won't have them affecting work. Instead, you'll see important milestones in your children's lives or else in your creative work, circle of friends, humanitarian interests, or romantic life. Embrace this lighter time, Leo, and have fun!

Expect The Unexpected

Uranus in Taurus will bring some needed changes, too. Taurus oversees your tenth house of career, and with Uranus here from 2018 through 2025, your professional standing (and profession!) is due for change. Whatever happens will feel sudden and probably unexpected. You could receive a major award, step into a quirky and high profile role, or even run for office.

Slow Down - Take A Vacation!

During 2020, we'll see the usual Mercury retrogrades - three of them, in water signs, signaling a need to analyze emotions.

We'll also see two planets that don't go retrograde often do just that. Venus will go retrograde during May and June in Gemini, your eleventh house of friendship. Then Mars will go retrograde from September through November in Aries, your ninth house of long trips.

When any planet goes retrograde, its powers seem to disappear, at least on the outer plane. With Venus, that means love, charm, and diplomacy will be in short supply, and it won't be a good time for meeting new people or starting a romance or personal makeover. With Mars, energy will dissipate, and we won't feel like doing much (or we will, but we won't be able to, which will become a big source of frustration until we let go).

In both cases, slowing down will be key to making the most of these times. Just stop, as much as you can. Instead of starting anything new, review existing relationships and art projects (Venus) and analyze current workout regimens, sports activity, and sexuality (Mars). Meditate on all these areas and notice what needs changing.

These periods also are great for reconnecting with people from the past. With Venus in Gemini, look up old friends and plan a reunion. As for Mars in Aries, take a vacation, perhaps to a place you've been before or to visit your alma mater or a favorite professor.

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2020 is a HUGE year in astrology, Leo.

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Make The Most Of 2020

Blessings to you in 2020, Leo! Keep the faith, especially at work, because recognition is on the way - even if it's not at all what you planned! Have fun whenever you can and get enough rest.

Enjoy your evolving life in all areas!

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