Go Big-And Don't Stay Home!

Purple Sagittarius archer-centaur watercolor with list of Sagittarius traits: fun loving, optimistic, honest, adventurous, questing

Happy Sagittarius time of year!

Why It's Time For New Adventures!

Whatever your zodiac sign, you have fiery, adventurous, and ultra optimistic Sagittarius in your birth chart. All this month, the Sun is lighting up this sign, somewhere in your chart!

NOW is your time to leverage this fabulous Sagittarius superpower to take a leap of faith, maybe take a trip, and GROW yourself and your life in some way.


You know that saying "Go big or go home?"

Well, a Sagittarius would have said "Go BIG - AND get out of the house!"

With Sagittarius, more is more, so it's all about "yes, and" instead of choosing between "either or." Also, Sagittarius LOVES to travel, so going home happens only after a good chunk of time out on the town or else a fun getaway or long vacation.

So for this month, take your cue from the the noble Archer: aim your magic arrow high and far and gallop out to see where it lands. Along the way, enjoy the quest and say "Yes!" to new adventures.

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Let's Go Explore!

Catch the Sagittarius vibes and grab some of this sign's famous good fortune by believing in yourself and your dreams. Then take action to make at least one of your dreams come true:

  • Start by thinking BIG - really big. If you could turn your life into one grand adventure, what would it look like - and why? ("Why?" is one of Sagittarius's favorite questions!) What's your personal quest, the mission you have in this lifetime, the heroic journey you need to take?
  • Then choose a bold action to get you on your way. Maybe you need to take a trip to experience another culture or make international contacts. Or perhaps it's time to enroll in school to get a degree or certificate or learn more about philosophy or religion. Or maybe you need to write that book you've been wanting to publish or start that business you've been dreaming about.
  • Whatever you do, let it be fun and go a bit overboard if you want to. Sagittarius loves doing things in a BIG WAY, living large and telling tall tales about it afterward.

Take Your Chances!

You may feel a bit lucky this month, thanks to Sagittarius and its ruling planet, Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system.

Jupiter is a great benefactor, and this month that spirt of good will and generosity can favor you with people to help and believe in your vision. So if you need to take a bit of a chance on yourself, your talents, or a new idea, or if you need to take the risk to ask someone for help, do it.

You don't know until you ask. And you may be surprised how many times the answer is "Yes!" this month.

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Tune In To Sagittarius

As you set out on your new adventures, use these two helpful Sagittarius articles to tune in to your inner Archer:

  1. The Sagittarius Time article
  2. The Sagittarius Guided Meditation

Both will help you grab hold of Sagittarius energies and make them a stronger part of your personality.

Bookmark the article and the meditation and return to them throughout this month for best results.

Happy Sagittarius time!

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