Aquarius Horoscope 2020

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Hello, Aquarius, and happy 2020!

During this year, much of the action will take place privately, behind the scenes, as you prepare for some big shifts coming your way in late 2020.

Along the way, there will be time for friends and fun. So read on for your guide to 2020.

The Inner You

Capricorn energies have dominated much of the astrology in recent years, and that will continue in 2020. For you, Aquarius, Capricorn means your twelfth house of privacy, spirituality, and psychological health. It's also where you dream and heal.

Pluto moved into this house in 2008, followed by Capricorn's ruler, Saturn (which is very strong when in its home sign), and then Jupiter's entry into Capricorn in December 2019. During this period, your soul has demanded that you spend more time alone to work on spirituality, overcome health concerns (including unhealthy habits and addictions), and pay attention to messages from dreams and intuition.

Pluto can make these tasks feel like a compulsion, while Saturn turns them into hard work (but rewards good behavior - at the end!). Luckily, Jupiter is lightening your load by showing you the "why" of all this solitary self-improvement - and reminding you of how vast you are on the inner plane and how meaningful the new and better you is, not only to your future but to many other people's.

Do the work, and use Jupiter's optimism to paint a brighter picture of your future. What you do now matters, and all of it is preparing you for the time late this year, when you'll step into the limelight and help everyone move more fully into the Aquarian Age, maybe by launching something new that you've developed during these somewhat solitary years. As 2020 opens, besides the three heavy hitters (Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter), you have the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn, adding levity and intelligence and making your road a little smoother.

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Meanwhile, your planet, Uranus, which rules Aquarius, continues its change artist act in Taurus, your fourth house of home and family. Uranus in Taurus will continue for a few more years, bringing the unexpected in where you hang your hat and how you relate to parents and other relatives. Keep in mind that when the fourth house is affected powerfully and for a long time, it generally takes the first house of self, seventh house of marriage, and tenth house of career along for the ride, imposing changes there, too.

In your case, anything that happens to Uranus also affects your first house of personality, physical health, and pet projects. You may have the urge for change in any or all of these areas, trying new approaches and then dropping them in favor of something else. The good news: all the Capricorn emphasis is harmonious with your Taurus fourth house, so you can leverage Uranus to help do all that work in your twelfth house - perhaps by setting up a home office or recording studio to work solo on a passion project. Whatever happens, the focus on houses four and twelve indicates more time out of the public eye.

Friends, Fun, Romance

While all that's been in play, you've also had the solar and lunar eclipses happening in Cancer and Capricorn, bringing endings and new beginnings if the eclipses touched sensitive points in your birth chart. Cancer influences your sixth house of health, daily work, routine, and pets, so any of these areas may have seen big changes over the past year.

The eclipses arrive every five and a half months and are tied to the Moon's nodes. In May, the nodes will move into Gemini andSagittarius, relieving some of the recent developmental pressure on you. Gemini governs your fifth house of romance, creativity, children, and leisure activities, while Sagittarius oversees your eleventh house of friends, networking, and philanthropy. With the eclipses here, you could see some people or pastimes cycle out of your life as you open up to new and exciting relationships and creative ventures.

Fun And Romance, Part 2

This year, Mercury will go retrograde three times, as it usually does. What's different, though, is that the retrogrades will occur almost exclusively in the water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio), which oversee your three houses related to work and career. You'll need to rethink and "re feel" issues related to your professional life.

Whenever Mercury goes retrograde, it also affects fun and romance because it influences your fifth house of pleasure and eighth house of intimacy (among other things). Take extra care during these periods, which can be opportunities to refine relationships and upgrade your notions of what's truly fun for you.

And do take "extra, extra" good care in May and June, when love planet Venus will go retrograde in Gemini. Past love interests and creative contacts could surface, giving you a chance to revisit memories - but avoid getting too serious and decide after the retrograde lifts if you want to keep these people in your life.


From September through mid-November, Mars will go retrograde, too. Mars goes retrograde the least often of the planets in our solar system, and this time its slowdown will occur in its home sign, Aries, which influences your third house of communication, travel, and siblings.

Energy seems to evaporate when Mars is retrograde, causing confusion and lethargy - and possibly frustration and anger, if we don't accept the need to slow down and even stop doing certain activities. Use extra caution in all texts, emails, and other forms of communication to ensure messages remain constructive and friendly. Consider taking a vacation during this time, perhaps with brothers and sisters (or your cousins), to visit a place you loved as a child.

Horoscope 2020 – Get The In-Depth Story

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Make The Most Of 2020

Happy 2020, Aquarius! Have fun working behind the scenes to improve yourself, create a masterpiece, and prepare for your time in the Sun as energies begin to shift toward your sign at the end of the year.

Make it a fruitful journey around the Sun all throughout 2020!

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