Virgo Horoscope 2020

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Hello, Virgo, and happy 2020!

So much of the action for you this year centers around children - and the child within! - as well as romance, your many talents, and pleasures of all kinds.

You'll need to keep up on work affairs, too, although you'll have enough fun to balance things out. Read on to see your guide to 2020.

Children, Creativity, And Other Pleasures

For several years, you've enjoyed a special focus on life's pleasures, resulting from Pluto's presence in Capricorn, your fifth house of fun. Capricorn is a no nonsense sign, so even when you're kicking back and relaxing, you may have a stripped down, lean approach to what makes you happy - and to raising children or creating art or romancing someone.

That tendency increased in recent years, when Saturn came back home to Capricorn, the sign it rules. With these two slow moving planets energizing this area for so many years, you're having opportunities to gain maturity in how you spend leisure time and what you find pleasurable. If you have children, you may have seen them reach some significant milestones and far greater maturity.

Jupiter entered Capricorn in December 2019, and at the start of 2020 you also have your ruling planet, Mercury, and the Sun in Capricorn. All these planets will increase the need to manage playtime and leisure in new ways, although the more recent additions will lighten and broaden your outlook.

These planets will demand that you take your talents seriously and develop your craft. If you want children or have children already, you'll need to work hard to be an excellent parent and may have moments when "tough love" is required. If you're dating, you'll have to be wise about love and think long term. Luckily, Jupiter in this area all year will make all of these tasks feel less like work and more like pleasure.

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Career, Home

Since late 2018, the eclipses we all experience every five and a half months have occurred in the signs Cancer and Capricorn, putting additional emphasis on relationships with friends and business acquaintances and your humanitarian activities as well as a greater focus on your children and creativity.

In May, the Moon's nodes (which indicate where eclipses occur) will shift out of Capricorn and Cancer and into Sagittarius and Gemini. Think about all the changes you've seen in your children or your artistic life as well as in friendships and club memberships: that level of change is coming to your career (your tenth house, associated with Gemini) and your home and extended family (your fourth house, associated with Sagittarius). Changes in these areas tend to affect nearly every aspect of life, so watch for sudden, important developments that help you move ahead fast.

Rethinking Relationships

Rethinking relationships, or more correctly, "refeeling" them, will occupy a good bit of 2020.

As a Virgo, your sign is ruled by Mercury, the quick moving planet associated with the mind, thought, and all forms of communication. As you probably know, Mercury goes retrograde each year, usually three times for about three weeks at a time, and this year will be no exception. The difference in 2020, however, will be that Mercury will retrograde almost completely in water signs - Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. As a rationalistic, logical planet, Mercury prefers visiting the air and fire signs, so these Mercury retrogrades will be more challenging than usual.

For you, Virgo, those signs are associated with relationships. Pisces oversees your seventh house of marriage and business partnerships, Cancer governs your eleventh house of friends and groups and business connections, and Scorpio is associated with your third house of siblings and neighbors (as well as travel and communication).

Although you're an earth sign, you're typically logical and fairly detached when it comes to emotions. You'd rather do something - anything! - than deal with feelings (your own or other people's). This year, the watery retrogrades will ask you to step into that uncomfortable zone and experience feelings, both yours and the often difficult ones of the people to whom you're closest. Your usual playbook (logic, taking action, criticizing, or analyzing - and overanalyzing) won't work, so you need to use other methods.

Try meditation. Also, see a therapist for a few sessions if you need help dealing with strong feelings. The work you do now will be critical to your future success as well as your long term happiness.

Love And Passion

2020 holds even more big news. Venus and Mars, the planets that go retrograde least often, will do so this year. Both have links to relationships, as Venus governs love and Mars brings passion (and the warrior's determination to have it!).

Venus will go retrograde in Gemini during May and June, further emphasizing your career. You may have challenges at the office or face obstacles to attracting support, a raise, or recognition. Use this time to revisit your values in all things career, including work relationships; when Venus moves forward, you can act on what you learn.

As for Mars, which goes retrograde from September through mid-November, this phenomenon feels extra challenging for Virgos, who are so concerned with getting things done. This retrograde will happen in Aries, your eighth house of shared money, life's mysteries, and erotic intimacy. With Mars retrograde, life slows down, work stalls, and it feels impossible to make progress. Accept this situation and consider taking a vacation (and working less throughout these two months). Meditate, journal about the meaning of life, and revisit what gives you pleasure during intimacy.

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2020 is a HUGE year in astrology, Virgo.

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Make The Most Of 2020

Happy 2020, Virgo! Be brave, especially when it's obvious your only course is to face emotions. Also, be patient and accept when life slows down and you must stop.

Just stop...for a while. Learn to enjoy things - and then have fun revving back up and getting super efficient once again!

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