Cancer Horoscope 2020

Deep blue starry sky for 2020 Cancer zodiac sign horoscope

Cancer, welcome to the new year, 2020!

You'll continue seeing a major focus on important partnerships this year, with more changes potentially affecting every key facet in your life, from family to personal ambitions to career.

Things will simmer down partway through the year, giving you breathing room and a chance to acclimate to all that's happened recently. Read on for your guide to 2020.

Marriage, Partnerships

The kaleidoscope of planets in Capricorn throughout 2020 will affect both marriage and other important bonds such as business partnerships. You've been dealing with this influence since 2008, when Pluto moved into Capricorn, which oversees marriage and partnership in your seventh house. Saturn, which rules Capricorn and therefore is super strong in this sign, joined in as of late 2018. These powerful energies have demanded much of you, and life may have felt heavy for you (and your spouse, if you're married). If you have business partners or advisors, you may have witnessed them undergoing challenges, or they may have seemed less available to you.

Jupiter decided to crash the Capricorn party in late 2019, bringing more demanding energy - but a bit more optimism and grace. You'll have a chance to press the reset button on key personal and business relationships, either starting over again together or electing to move on. You'll need to be practical, and you'll need a better, more long term vision to succeed.

These energies also suggest you might become more serious about marriage, so if you're single you may get engaged. Otherwise, you or your spouse may need to carry some extra burdens, but you can have fun doing it. For example, if one of you has to travel for business, the other can go along.

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Health, Work, Spirituality

You'll also feel the weight lifting in May, when the Moon's nodes change signs. As a Cancer, you're ruled by the Moon, so anything concerning this luminary affects you tremendously.

The nodes are associated with eclipses, which change our lives dramatically when they happen at sensitive points in our charts. Since November 2018, you've had the nodes (and eclipses) in Cancer (your first house) and Capricorn (your seventh house). Eclipses in these houses also can affect home and career. In May, the nodes will shift to Gemini and Sagittarius, where they'll energize your twelfth house (spirituality and psychological health) and your sixth house (health and work).

After recent years of upheaval, you'll be ready for some solitude and opportunities to improve health. As of May, get your daily life organized and start meditating seriously. Keep a dream journal or meditation notebook because insights will come and you'll want to record them.

Love, Self-Care

Love planet Venus will go retrograde this year, adding to the call for solitude and self-care. She'll appear to move backwards in the sky in the sign Gemini, your twelfth house.

When Venus goes retrograde, her beauty and attractive power go dormant so we can revisit our values and desires in these areas. In your case, Cancer, you may feel a little disenchanted with your home or decor, or friends may be less available. Ease into this period by starting a meditation practice and engaging a therapist if you need one. Revisit creative projects and consider ideas you might develop on your own, behind the scenes.


From September to November, career progress likely will stall, due to Mars moving retrograde in Aries in your tenth house of professional success. Plan ahead for this slow time by finishing projects or looking for a new job or promotion early in the year. When the retrograde hits, take vacation and encourage employees and coworkers to do the same. Use this opportunity to examine what you do and how you accomplish it because you're apt to see some tasks you can eliminate and others that you can improve.

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2020 is a HUGE year in astrology, Cancer.

You're probably already feeling the changes, with the energies you've experienced in recent years. Now the entire world will undergo major changes, too. Get the in-depth story on what’s coming with my detailed article, Horoscope 2020 Overview (In Depth!) – All Zodiac Signs.

Make The Most Of 2020

A new day is at hand as we move through 2020, Cancer! Make peace with changes you've already experienced and get ready to create a healthier, happier you.

Enjoy the journey!

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