Taurus Horoscope 2020

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Taurus, happy 2020!

Your world will expand this year, and what you experience is apt to change your thinking and beliefs. By year's end, you may find yourself operating under a new and improved philosophy of life.

Whatever happens, keep expecting the unexpected - including from yourself!

Travel And Education

Planets in Capricorn will crowd your ninth house of travel and higher education. You've felt this extra energy for a few years, thanks to both Pluto and then Saturn entering Capricorn in recent years. Saturn tells us where we need to work hard, and Pluto shows where we have to surrender and transform, so you've had your work cut out for you with both these powerhouses here.

In December 2019, Jupiter joined the party in Capricorn, adding a much different energy that's lightening the Capricorn heaviness. Also, as 2020 begins, Mercury and the Sun are moving through this house, bringing both light and lightheartedness.

All these planets will increase travel, taking it from a desire to a need (perhaps for business). You may be on the go often, and you'll need to streamline processes (and pare down what you pack) to make life more efficient and travel easier. If you have passport, immigration, visa, or any other concerns, now is your time to address them.

These planets also may push you to get a college degree or enter a graduate program. Otherwise, you might study on your own to learn more about philosophy, religion, history, or business.

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Personality And Image

Uranus in Taurus will continue this theme of change by shaking up your identity. You may start new projects, only to drop them for something else down the road. You also may try a makeover or wardrobe upgrade as you explore who you truly are and how others perceive who you are based on how you present yourself. This process can feel unsettling or tiring at times, so keep an eye on health and take good care of your body (especially your nervous system).

Love And Work

For you, Taurus, one of the biggest stories of 2020 will occur midyear, when love planet Venus, your ruler, goes retrograde from May 13 through late June. Venus doesn't go retrograde often (about every 18 months), so when it does we sense it strongly and miss this planet's charm, social poise, and artistic skill. Love and relationships can feel lackluster at this time, so it's an opportunity to meditate about values and what's most important to you in bonds with others.

Venus will be in Gemini during the retrograde, which will slow down progress related to money and your job. Avoid changing jobs during this period if possible - unless the opportunity comes from a person or company you worked with in the past. Also, watch spending and put off luxury purchases. All these areas will move ahead after the retrograde, so until then, spend time with former colleagues and other longtime friends.


Mars, which goes retrograde the least often, will do so this year from September through the middle of November. The retrograde will happen in Aries, which governs the most private house in your chart - your twelfth house. Here, you rest and recuperate and enjoy solitude so you can get in touch with your spiritual nature.

Mars retrograde can result in high frustration for those who resist its backward pull and insist on pushing forward, against the planetary tides. But for you, Taurus, the slowdown will harmonize well with twelfth house themes because Mars retrograde is a perfect time to stop. It's also a time to do less (or do nothing at times) and focus on inner processes. Use this period to start - or improve - your meditation practice, go on a retreat, or enjoy time alone at home. Once the retrograde ends, you'll have plenty of insights to fuel forward progress.


Also in May, the eclipse pattern we've seen for the past year and a half, which affected your travel houses, will shift. The Moon's nodes will slip into Gemini and Sagittarius, your two money houses, bringing changes to how and how much you earn, save, and spend. Travel goals will change, as you focus more on income and savvy budgeting. This period will be excellent for reviewing credit, loans, insurance, wills, and participation in bonus or commission plans.

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2020 is a HUGE year in astrology, Taurus.

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Make The Most Of 2020

Happy 2020, Taurus! Practice acceptance in the face of this year's changes, move peacefully into the new, and expand your vision (and inner and outer lives) by year’s end.

Enjoy the coming year!

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  1. I just listened to you on WGN Radio with Ji. I normally do not sign up for anything online but you were so impressive! I will be handling my father's estate in the coming months and will refer to the Mercury Retrograde Do's and Don'ts often. Thank you for a most enjoyable evening of radio.

    1. Oh, Susan! Thank you so much! It's great to hear from you, and I'm really glad you signed up. Thanks for tuning in on WGN tonight and for taking time to post a comment here. So wonderful!

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