Aries Horoscope 2020

Starry sky in red for Aries 2020 horoscope

Aries, welcome to 2020!

Much of this year will focus on work and career, and the shifts you'll experience likely will touch every major part of your life, from relationships to home and family to your sense of identity.

You'll still have time for fun - including romance and relaxation. Read on for your guide to 2020.

Career And Community

The pileup of planets in Capricorn all during 2020 will affect your career dramatically. You've been experiencing this power for a few years, as Pluto and then Saturn moved into Capricorn, which oversees your professional life at the very top of your astrological chart. You're growing (and growing up a bit) in how you contribute to the world through what you do at work, and you've had to work hard.

Jupiter joined these planets in December 2019, and as 2020 opens you also have the Sun and Mercury, the communication guru, in this house. These recent additions will lighten your days and connect what you do with your ideals and the big vision you have for how you fit into the community - and even the world.

As you become more seasoned in your career, you may feel yourself morphing from a junior player to a mature veteran whose gravitas inspires and leads others. Live up to your ideals in everything you do - and consider extending your gifts to the community, perhaps by running for office, serving on a nonprofit board, or starting a foundation or endowment.

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Uranus in Taurus, which affects your finances, will keep shaking up how you earn money and how you like to spend it. Your values are up for review now, so spend part of 2020 thinking about what you own, what you want, and how you'll get it. Meditate about what feeds your heart and soul, because what you want, deep down, could surprise you and cause a ripple effect of changes in every area of your life.


Venus will go retrograde in May and June, taking her charms underground for a while. You may feel her absence keenly in relationships, especially if you're married. If you're not in a relationship, avoid starting one with someone new at this time. Instead, catch up with people from your past, meditate about what you want in each of your most important bonds, and take a break from socializing.


The biggest news for you, Aries, is that your ruling planet, Mars, will go retrograde in 2020. Mars goes retrograde the least often of the planets (every two years), so when it appears to move backwards in the sky, we feel it strongly. This time around, you'll feel it even more because Mars will go retrograde in your own sign, Aries - and, because of the retrograde, will spend a little more than six months in Aries (rather than the usual two months).

The Mars retrograde will happen from early September through mid-November. As a sign that's used to action and is good at being decisive, the Mars retrograde may feel frustrating because you won't be able to do "business as usual." You'll have to slow down, and you may need to take care of health concerns. Embrace this opportunity to get your body operating in top condition (like a race car, Aries!), so you're ready to spring into action after the retrograde lifts. Also, consider taking a vacation because not much will move forward on the outer plane, and you'll really benefit from a break that includes solitude, meditation, and time in nature.


In May, the eclipses of the past year and a half that have affected home and career will begin drawing to a close, as the Moon's nodes shift to your travel houses. You could see big changes that take you on more and longer trips, and you may become more involved in education or international business. This trend will continue for about 18 months and will affect communication and relationships with siblings, so watch for developments in those areas as well.

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2020 is a HUGE year in astrology, Aries.

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Make The Most Of 2020

Happy 2020, Aries! Roll with its many changes, step boldly into the new, and grow into a bigger, wiser version of yourself by year's end.

Enjoy the ride!

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