Full Moon Alert: 2022 Full Moon List Is Up

Yellow-orange full Moon in dark night -full Moon schedule for 2022

Even with this year's slower start due to Venus's retrograde, you might be sensing an energy buildup.

The first full Moon of 2022 will arrive on Monday, January 17, and could be especially dramatic or emotional.

Full Moon: Hitting Your Tender Spots

This first full Moon is coming in watery, sensitive Cancer. The Moon, in fact, rules the zodiac sign Cancer, so that makes this next full Moon even more touchy than usual.

It could hit some tender spots for you or those around you.

Also, it's going to trigger karmic, powerful Pluto, which will be sitting right next to the Sun in Capricorn and directly opposite the emotional Moon.

Help Is A Click Away!

To help you navigate this coming week, I've created your detailed annual full Moon calendar.

Check it out now for the complete list of all full Moons for 2022 - including dates, times, and zodiac signs. You'll also find guidance for making the most of full Moons, which can be some of the most demanding times of the month.

Also, we'll experience a couple of ultra intense full Moons this year when the two total lunar eclipses occur. I've included full information about these eclipses and how to handle them.

Mark Your Calendar!

Use the 2022 full Moon list to mark your calendar. That way, you can plan ahead and be prepared, come what may.

Get Your Complete Full Moon Calendar Now

Get your complete 2022 full Moon calendar now.

I wish you helpful insights and productive full Moon breakthroughs throughout this year!

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