Can You Tell Me What Time I Was Born?

An astrologer can help you in many ways. But the one thing an astrologer cannot tell you is your time of birth.

That is something that you will need to supply. (Unless you want to pursue something called "chart rectification," which can be very expensive and often is not accurate. Please note that we do not offer this service.)

How To Locate Your Birth Time

Please see the How Can I Find Out My Birth Time? question in our FAQ section, which offers suggestions for locating your birth time.

Getting And Using A Simplified Chart

If you cannot locate your birth time, astrology still can help you greatly if you use what we call a "simplified chart." Please see these questions in our FAQ section for details:

Using Astrology In Everyday Life

In addition, please keep in mind that, even without a birth time, astrology can offer much helpful information as well as a useful way to organize your life and get along with others. See this question in our FAQ section for more details:

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