Mercury's Going Retrograde - Get 2022 Mercury Rx Dates

Black, white, and gray image of planet Mercury with red and white text: Mercury retrograde dates and advice

Life's about to get even more slow motion: besides the current Venus retrograde, the communication planet, Mercury, will start its first retrograde for 2022 tomorrow.

Go to my Mercury retrograde page now to get the exact dates - plus guidance for making the most of this often challenging period!

Mercury Retrograde: See All Dates For 2022

As you'll see, I've updated the Mercury retrograde section of the website with complete information for this year:

  • Exact dates this little planet will affect all things tech and communication
  • The zodiac signs where the retrogrades will occur

Whenever a retrograde happens in your sign (or a sign that's important in your chart - such as your rising sign), pay extra attention. Data (and people) surfacing during that retrograde could be extra meaningful for you.

Mercury Rx Calendar Through 2028

Also, the Mercury retrograde calendar now goes all the way through 2028.

So if you're someone who likes to plan really far ahead, now you can! You'll have the confidence of knowing which periods to avoid for important events or launches.

Great Time To Meditate, Get Extra Rest

Every Mercury retrograde is a chance to slow down, but this one even more so because Venus also is in reverse motion.

Use January and the first few days of February to meditate (if you don't already, great time to start!). Give yourself extra rest if you can: things will rev back up in February, and you'll be glad you took extra care of yourself once we're back in "go, go, go!" mode.

Once you get the hang of it, you may find you actually enjoy these Mercury retrograde times. (At the very least, you'll handle them like a pro with help from the Mercury retrograde dates and guidance section on my website!)

Good luck, and I wish you great insights as you take this extra look at the past!

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