Happy New Year-Your 2022 Horoscopes Are Up!

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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2022, a year super focused on love, money - and destiny.

Your 2022 Horoscopes Are Up

To help you navigate the year's sometimes tricky timing, we've just posted your new 2022 horoscopes.

The year starts with a slowed down feeling, although by mid-January we're going to feel the winds of change at our backs. We'll see exciting developments as the North Node, symbol of our future and best destiny, changes signs.

This coming year may feel karmic at times: now is our chance to step up and pour love into every corner of our lives.


That's because Venus, planet of love (and money and values) is closely linked to what's happening all year and to where our future is playing out in our birth charts (and lives). If we get our hearts in the right place and get the love and "right relationships" equation correct, then this year can be a time of zooming into a lighter and better future.

See Your Horoscope Now

Check out your horoscope for more on your special role and destiny - and opportunities - throughout 2022. You'll find the horoscopes here:

2022 Horoscope - All Zodiac Signs

Happy New Year!

I wish you a happy new year and a wonderful 2022.

May love guide your steps every moment, every day.

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