Join Me July 16: Great Aquarian Leap Online Event

Helix Nebula's "Eye of Sauron" - image for The Great Aquarian Leap presentation

I'm excited to announce that the group Asheville Friends of Astrology (AFOA) has invited me to speak - and you're invited!

Plan to join me and AFOA online on Friday, July 16, at 6 p.m. central time (7 p.m. eastern) for my special presentation, The Great Aquarian Leap.

The Great Aquarian Leap

So what is the "Great Aquarian Leap"?

As a planet, we started this big leap at the December 2020 solstice.

That day brought a momentous shift in human history, ending astrological cycles in play for the past 20, 200, 400, 600, 2,000 - and 26,000 - years. Our planet and all earthlings are entering a new era. Astrologers (as well as everyone interested in astrology and using it to better their lives) have a vital role to play.

It's our job to help lead the way forward into a new, more humanitarian future.

Make YOUR Leap - Join Us July 16!

Come find out why and learn how you can take your own "Great Aquarian Leap" into our next great age.

The time is now to enter the Aquarian Age and fulfill our new destiny.

My presentation on July 16 will walk through what's so special about this time in history, especially why the most recent solstice (with its grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn) was so significant for all of us.

I've created this online event as a multimedia experience, featuring music, guided meditation, and original art and other images. Also, I will lead a special exercise to help everyone who attends get a jump start on leaping into a new way of being, a new perspective on the fabled Age Of Aquarius.

This event will be held live on Zoom.

It's scheduled for Friday, July 16, at 6 p.m. central time (7 p.m. eastern). To join the event online, use this link:

You also can get the link for joining the Zoom session at the Facebook event page: Look at the top of that page for the blue button that says "Go To Link."

NOTE: Be sure to click "going" on the Facebook event page to let us know you're coming!

Asheville Friends Of Astrology

I'm so pleased that Asheville Friends Of Astrology invited me to present to their members and guests. (And YOU! I hope you'll be coming July 16!)

Based in Asheville, North Carolina, AFOA creates social connections for those who love astrology, educates others through lectures and ideas, and supports astrologers professionally. AFOA also seeks to raise astrology's profile in western North Carolina by publicizing astrology and the benefits it offers.

For more about the group, see AFOA's Facebook page and website.

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