March 2019 Astrology Forecast

March 2019 monthly astrology forecast

March is going to be a game changing month for everyone. This special astrology forecast tells why.

March 2019 Astrology Forecast

Big Changes, Mixed Messages

This month will bring big changes and big energies urging us to respond quickly and take action. Yet at the same time we'll have significant energies forcing us to slow down and even stop so we can reflect. The trickster, Mercury, will be retrograde much of March, making for a tricky month of mixed messages, conflicting urges, and potential fogginess.

Just look at the astrology action we'll have in play:

  • Mercury retrograde March 5 - 28
  • The Sun in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, ending the astrological--and spiritual--year
  • On March 6, a new Moon in Pisces and this year's biggest change: power hitter Uranus leaves Aries for Taurus, signaling a huge shift in everything involving money
  • March 20 brings the equinox as the Sun enters Aries, the first zodiac sign, starting a new astrological month, a new season, and a new astrological and spiritual year
  • Also on March 20, a powerful full Moon in Libra, the first of two full Moons in a row in this sign

This is BIG news and a BIG time of change and opportunity.

Mercury Retrograde In Pisces: Slow Down And Dream

From March 5 through 28, Mercury will be retrograde in Pisces. As usual, Mercury retrograde helps us slow down. When Mercury's in Pisces, we sense this need for easing up even more, feeling it as a continual urge to slow down and dream.

Mercury is the planet associated with the mind, thinking, and communication. It also figures strongly in business through commerce and contracts. When it goes retrograde, all these aspects of our lives slow down.

Mercury also tends to be a highly analytical, rational planet. So it's not super comfortable in Pisces, a sign preoccupied with sensing, feeling, and dreaming. Mercury wants to think its way through life, while Pisces energies inspire us to step beyond facts and concrete concepts to embrace spirituality and the unknown.

Pisces welcomed Mercury to its celestial mansion on February 10, so you already may notice your thoughts loosening up, becoming more holistic and artistic as you draw on both your left and right brain hemispheres.

You may even take up drawing or doodle more these days. You also may dream more (or more vividly). This opportunity will continue through April 17, so enjoy the mental break and tap your muse through drawing or one of the other arts, especially dance, music, film, photography, painting, or design.

You'll have help to try something new, thanks to a new Moon in Pisces on March 6. With Mercury retrograde, though, let your choice be something fun and highly right brained, colorful, and imaginative. You also can use this energy to return to an art form (or artistic people) you once enjoyed or visit a museum or other cultural site you haven't been to in a long time.

Allow this process to take you in new directions, especially during Mercury's retrograde this month. Details may be fuzzy, clarity may prove hard to come by, but you'll find ample compensation in lofty dreams, noble thoughts of oneness with creation, and beautiful impressions that can become new creative projects or gentler ways of being you.

Sun In Pisces: Reflect On Your Year

The Sun entered Pisces February 18 and remains there through March 20.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, making this month the end of the astrological year. It's also the close of the spiritual year.

Pisces helps us dream and create. It also supports healing, especially through compassion for ourselves and others. Sometimes that requires solitude for rest and recuperation, which this sign grants us, along with a love of spirituality so we can connect with our inner lives and higher selves.

Take this annual opportunity to spend some time alone. Meditate, pray, and reflect on the past year. What did you do, say, think, or feel that gave you joy? How have you grown as a soul? And how have you used your gifts to express your best self and help others?

Use the fruits of your reflections to envision the coming year after Pisces time ends. Let your most inspiring thoughts and visions take shape in exciting new projects once the new astrological year begins in late March (and after the Mercury retrograde ends, too).

Uranus In Taurus

On March 6, we'll see this year's biggest shift when Uranus enters Taurus. Uranus will remain there through mid-2025, which will concentrate this energy over time to force new perspectives and plenty of change.

We've already had a taste of Uranus in Taurus, when this planet moved through the sign of the Bull from May 15 through November 6, 2018. Look back to get a sense of what's in store for you over the next seven years.

When Uranus is in the picture, change tends to come swiftly, out of the blue. Keep in mind that change can be highly beneficial, even when it feels sudden. Whenever you need to reckon with change, remember your Pisces spirituality (we all have Pisces somewhere in our astrological charts!): go within to center yourself. Pisces reminds us that change is part of living in a material world and is part of a mysterious, higher process and purpose that ultimately tends toward our benefit.

During these early days of Uranus in Taurus, keep in mind that the Sun will be in Pisces and Mercury will continue retrograde (also in Pisces), suggesting we'll lack crucial clarity. Avoid acting in haste, no matter how urgent it may feel to make a decision, because you'll likely lack details. Instead, stay in the moment to remain aware, especially about how you're feeling, and give yourself time before making major decisions or taking decisive action. April will bring much more supportive energies for action.

Find out much more about Uranus in Taurus and get your Uranus in Taurus horoscope in my article, Uranus In Taurus 2018 - 2025.

Aries Time And March Equinox

March 20 brings the equinox, as the Sun will enter Aries.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. So when the Sun goes into this fiery sign, we begin a new astrological (and spiritual) year, along with a new astrological month and season.

Aries loves new beginnings--it invented them! As soon as the Sun charges up Aries energies on March 20, you may feel you can take on anything and win. Yet with Mercury retrograde until March 28, you'll be wise to wait until April before starting anything new.

Instead, use the Aries energies to finish old business; fix or improve anything needing an upgrade; and have your car, appliances, or computer serviced. Channel Aries's power into a new meditation routine or spiritual practice that suits you better and record inspirations immediately because you'll be able to apply them soon--as early as the last few days of March.

Full Moon In Libra

Also on the equinox on March 20, we'll see a powerful full Moon.

This full Moon will occur in Libra. It will be the first of two full Moons in a row in this sign, telling us that all things Libra will require our focus and that something involving close relationships or other areas of life linked to this sign will prove ripe for change.

Libra is associated with marriage and partnerships of all kinds as well as all one to one and "equal partner" relationships such as those we enjoy with peers and colleagues. It also governs competitors and adversaries as well as creative ways of dealing with those who oppose us, such as diplomacy, cooperation, and creative "win win" approaches.

This sign also relates to the arts, socializing, the need to slow down and smell the roses, and anything we think, say, or do to promote peace and harmony. See what "pops" for you at this full Moon.

Also, remember that full Moons (and the day before and after) offer super powerful times for meditation and any kind of spiritual work. Take advantage of this opportunity to go within and meditate about peace, your closest relationships, and harmony.

Enjoy Your March Horoscope And Astrology Forecast

Enjoy this month when the trickster, Mercury, will travel backwards through the highly creative sign of Pisces. Think new and inspiring thoughts and feel the joyful new feelings that come along with them.

Let most of your action happen inwardly. Have fun outwardly by slowing down to notice beauty, compassion, and opportunities to create more harmony.

Happy March!

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