Horoscope 2019 - Pisces Horoscope

2019 horoscope for Pisces


Focus on money the first six weeks of 2019. You may spend more than usual, perhaps for necessary yet high expenses, so keep an eye on personal and business budgets to minimize unnecessary outgo. If you work for a company, take initiative to seek a better position or ask for a raise. If you run your own business, use this time to seek new business. Hire a money manager and get spending and credit in order. The volatility you've seen in your finances will ease as of March, and the work you do to manage money well will pay off long term.

Siblings, Travel, And Communication

On March 6, life's most unpredictable changes will shift away from financials to communications, travel, and siblings. For the next seven years, your siblings and close cousins may be in touch with unexpected news, and you may travel more, perhaps many short trips to visit them, or for work. Your ability to communicate futuristic trends will soar, and you may develop a sci-fi novel, app, web business, or humanitarian movement you'll publicize in offbeat ways.

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At work, make the most of this entire year, when your chance to step way up on your career will be stronger than any time in the past dozen years. Expand your vision for professional success, apply for prestigious industry awards, and go after the boldest, brightest opportunities.

Your Birthday

Birthday season comes February 18 when the Sun arrives in Pisces. Look back on the past 12 months and then set the most high flying goals you can for your new personal year that starts with your birthday. Stay fit so you're in great shape to enjoy all this year will bring. Avoid overindulgence or escapist tendencies and focus on good nutrition and holistic health approaches. Adjust your health routine and make dental and medical appointments in the month starting July 22.


In love, you'll be more free to get out and meet new people if you're unattached or to romance your beloved if you're in a relationship. Your best month to meet someone new or fall in love with your partner all over again will start June 21, and the two week period beginning July 2 will be best for starting a new relationship or trying a new dating service.

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Happy 2019

Happy 2019, Pisces! Have a wonderful year!

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