Horoscope 2019 - Aquarius Horoscope

2019 horoscope for Aquarius

Communication And Networking

Your mind will be on fire in the first several weeks of 2019 with ideas and action plans for anything related to communications, so use this energy to start writing your novel or screenplay, take a social media marketing class, hone your public speaking skills, or work with a coach to polish your body language and emotional intelligence. These skills will pay off right away, as you're likely to spend much more time networking all year. Accept every invitation to attend business mixers and meetups, club events, and fundraisers. Be ready to make new friends and valuable business contacts. Make time for longtime friends, too.


At work, you may be working on a high potential project behind the scenes. You'll rub shoulders with powerful people who can help your career, so work hard and give your best at all times because you're likely to earn career rewards after the project launches.

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Your Birthday

Birthday time comes January 20 when the Sun enters Aquarius. Spend time before that looking over the past year and setting new and fun goals for your new personal year that begins with your birthday.


Finances will need attention over the month starting February 18. Focus on earning power, especially from creative projects in film, dance, and other arts or in philanthropy or projects for non profits or charity fundraisers.

Home And Family

As of March, a seven-year period promising major changes in your life will arrive, when Uranus, your ruling planet, returns Taurus until 2025. You'll see shakeups at home that will inspire you to change decor or even your address by moving or investing in real estate. You may take on exciting new DIY projects, or you may start working or exercising at home. This period will evolve your personal style and character and could bring health or fitness changes. Look back to May 15 through November 6, 2018, for clues to what lies ahead.


In love, your best time for romance will arrive May 21 and last a month. If you're unattached, use the two weeks starting June 3 to join a matchmaking service, go on blind dates, or ask friends to make introductions. If you're married, take this time for more fun with your beloved by going to concerts, galleries, plays, and other entertainment events.

Horoscope 2019 - Astrology Trends Affecting All Signs

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Happy 2019

Happy 2019, Aquarius! Have a wonderful year!

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4 comments on “Horoscope 2019 - Aquarius Horoscope”

  1. Thanks Anne for your article on Aquarius Horoscopes for 2019. Valentines day is my birthday and I'm hoping to find love, hopefully this year, what are the chances?

    1. You're welcome, Mia. How lovely about your Valentine's Day birthday! So much is going to change for you, starting very soon. Your planet, Uranus, will change signs in early March. Get detailed information in my article Uranus In Taurus 2018 - 2025:

      Uranus In Taurus 2018 - 2025

      Also, do check out the very detailed article on 2019 Horoscope - Biggest Trends Affecting All Zodiac Signs:

      2019 Horoscope - Biggest Trends Affecting All Zodiac Signs

      For love, keep an eye on late May and most of June and be sure to get out and meet new people at that time. (And until then, ask siblings, cousins, and other relatives to introduce you to new people.) Most of all, have fun and let your curiosity lead you to new adventures and people. 😀

  2. pls help me.thx.in past six years.i was unfortunately experienced the death .diseases and human rights destroyed.

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