Horoscope 2019 - Libra Horoscope

2019 horoscope for Libra


During the first several weeks of 2019, your spouse, business partner, and other people close to you will be filled with energy and want to take the lead. You may disagree with their plans at times, but avoid haste in responding, pick your battles, and bide your time regarding important plans. If you're negotiating a contract, in litigation, or dealing with a business competitor, use caution in all interactions and remember your gift for diplomacy. This period will pass by mid-February, so think long term and help others preserve harmony in the relationships you want to endure.


At work, use discrimination and discretion in communications because your words and body language will convey meaning and have bigger impact than you realize. You can make impressive gains through writing, speaking, or editing, so seek opportunities to take a class or hire a coach to hone your skills. Career shifts may arrive this year, especially the month starting June 21, and you may win accolades or a new position.

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Home And Family

Changes affecting home and family likely will continue, with you carrying more responsibility to move, remodel, or help an elderly relative. If you're working with siblings on a family concern, lead with dignity and use words that inspire and unify your clan.


As of early March, monitor money, as income may fluctuate over the next several years due to your spouse's job situation or developments related to inheritance, insurance, or a gift. Recall the period from May 15 through November 6, 2018, for a sense of what's involved. Train yourself to expect the unexpected and welcome change over these next few years.


In love, if you're single, use the month starting January 20 to enjoy romance with someone new or to get out and meet potential partners. If you're in a relationship, have fun during this period by socializing with your beloved and planning couple's outings to concerts, plays, and your children's activities if you have children still in school.

Your Birthday

Birthday time arrives when the Sun enters Libra September 23. Enjoy a look back at the year gone by before setting ambitious new goals for your new personal year that begins with your birthday.

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Happy 2019

Happy 2019, Libra! Have a wonderful year!

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