Horoscope 2019 - Virgo Horoscope

2019 horoscope for Virgo


Joint finances will demand attention the first six weeks of 2019. You'll feel energized to resolve concerns related to alimony or child support, an insurance claim, or a will or probate process. Talk to your spouse about budgeting, especially if one of you works on commission, because expenses could run higher than usual until mid-February. If you want to buy a house or remodel your home, meet with lenders now because your chances of moving or expanding your living space are excellent this year. Financial issues likely will settle down after February.

Work And Travel

In early March, you will start a seven-year period of change involving travel and education that may affect your day to day work life. You may go back to school using company education benefits or travel more on business. You also may launch an international business related to a fitness breakthrough you've made or an app or health invention you've developed. Look back to the time from May 15 through November 6, 2018, for clues to what's coming. Watch the month starting May 21 for career progress and kudos.

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Children And Creativity

If you have children, the next few years may see them heading to college or a study abroad program. You'll enjoy seeing them mature and take on new responsibilities, perhaps such as marriage or becoming parents if they're older. If you work in a creative field, you may travel unexpectedly to meet with foreign partners or work on a publicity project.


In your love life, join a dating service in January if you're not in a relationship. Watch the new Moon and eclipse of January 5 because big change may arrive with a new relationship, perhaps with someone older or quite mature. Watch July for developments in love relationships, as a relationship with a business associate or friend could turn into a love match. If you're in a relationship, rekindle romance with passionate, earthy date nights through January 19 to deepen your bond.

Your Birthday

Your birthday season will come when the Sun enters Virgo August 24. Take the month before then to analyze your year and think about improvements for the new personal year that begins with your birthday.

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Happy 2019

Happy 2019, Virgo! Have a wonderful year!

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