Horoscope 2019 - Gemini Horoscope

2019 horoscope for Gemini


A big focus on relationships will put you in a social whirl for the first six weeks of 2019. Friends will call to chat or will text with last minute plans to go out or work out together. You'll be on fire with ideas for networking and may start your own Meetup group or plan a business mixer with a fundraising component. Your business partner, attorney, and other important peers will have big ideas and request extra meetings to share their visions.

Work And Money

At work, big changes may arrive this year that affect your job and how you're paid, especially if you work on commission or receive bonuses. Watch January 5 for clues to this trend and stay alert in July and late December for possible shifts. Watch spending and set ambitious goals for earning or a new job.

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Spirituality And Health

Starting in March, you'll see a seven year period of opportunity to redirect your inner life. Look back over the period from May 15 to November 6, 2018, for clues to what may come your way. Unexpected experiences could inspire you to join a spiritual group or start meditating or studying astrology. Go deep and work hard, and priceless rewards will come to your inner self. You also may work quietly on health or psychological issues or spend time alone developing an invention or secret project, perhaps with guidance from a genius pal.

Your Birthday

Birthday time will come with the Sun's move to Gemini May 21. In April and early May, look over the last year. Then jot down interesting ideas and plans for the new personal year that starts with your birthday.


In love, if you're in a relationship, your beloved may travel more on business, so go along if you can because you'll have fun. Otherwise, your partner may suggest a major vacation overseas that will restore a spirit of adventure. If you're dating, a proposal could come this year if your bond is growing more serious. If you're not in a relationship, romance may come calling through a business partner. The month starting September 23 will bring extra focus on love, with the two weeks starting September 28 perfect for starting a new relationship, going on your first date, or trying a new matchmaking service.

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Happy 2019

Happy 2019, Gemini! Have a wonderful year!

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