Horoscope 2019 - Aries Horoscope

2019 horoscope for Aries


You'll be filled with energy for the first six weeks of 2019, so use this power to push through obstacles, finish personal projects, and attend to health. Focus on fitness and nutrition - and make sure your passport is up to date because you're likely to travel more, perhaps to a foreign country. Even if your trips are for business, take extra time for personal enrichment to enjoy another culture. If possible, research the country you'll visit ahead of time and hire a personal guide to show you sights off the beaten path.


At work, your big focus on career will continue all year. Set ambitious goals and put in the time to work steadily toward your vision. Important people will want to help you, so nurture relationships with mentors and leaders in your industry.

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Starting in March, watch spending. A seven-year period of fluctuating income and expenses will begin, and you'll need to watch finances until you have a sense of how you'll be affected. Look back to the period May 15 to November 6 of 2018 for clues, especially related to your job and salary as well as shared finances including loans, mortgages, insurance, and child support as well as lump sum payments in the form of gifts, inheritance, and commissions.

Your Birthday

Birthday time arrives when the Sun enters Aries March 20. Spend time before that looking over the past year and setting new and fun goals for your new personal year that begins with your birthday.


In love, if you're married, look over the years since 2011 and the changes you've weathered together. A new era of greater stability in your relationship can begin now, so make the effort to reconnect with your beloved and create more harmony. If you're dating, watch the full Moon and lunar eclipse of January 20 for insights on whether this is "the one." If you're not in a relationship, the Sun's monthlong tour of Leo, starting July 22, will energize your romance and pleasures house, so get ready to circulate and meet new people, perhaps by joining a dating service. The new Moon of July 31 will open a two week period to help you meet someone new, so go on an important date or two in that time.

Horoscope 2019 - Astrology Trends Affecting All Signs

For much more about 2019, see my detailed 2019 horoscope about the year's astrology trends, 2019 Horoscope – Biggest Trends Affecting All Zodiac Signs.

Happy 2019

Happy 2019, Aries! Have a wonderful year!

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  1. Thank you for the insights. As always, I appreciate your holistic approach to astrology as it affects our lives.

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