Horoscope 2019 - Taurus Horoscope

2019 horoscope for Taurus


During the first weeks of 2019, your dream life may be on overdrive, filled with action and adventure, so keep a journal by your bed to record all impressions when you awake each morning. You may be working hard to overcome a health challenge, and if you need help you can find a therapist, support group, or specialist if you act now. In your inner life, step up your spiritual practice because deep and helpful information can arrive in abundance. Consider taking a meditation class with your spouse to deepen intimacy.

Fitness And Personality

Starting in early March, your life will change dramatically when Uranus, the change maker, returns to Taurus to stay until 2025. You'll be in the spotlight and likely will feel like changing many aspects of your life, from how you approach fitness and health to how you dress and present yourself to the projects you find most interesting personally. Look back to the period May 15 to November 6 of 2018 for clues, especially related to your evolving personality.

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On the job, your time of feeling unnoticed is about to end. As of March, others will see you differently as you undergo many changes. Who you are and how you're perceived will affect your career, and you could make your mark professionally for something unexpected, quirky, or highly personal that inspires or helps others in some way. Until then, finish up anything you're working on behind the scenes, even if you have to work long hours. A mentor in the publishing or media field or who lives overseas can help, so keep up important relationships.

Your Birthday

Your birthday season arrives when the Sun enters Taurus April 20. Starting in March, begin assessing the past year. Set some new and unusual goals for your new personal year that begins with your birthday.


In love, if you're in a relationship, your intimate life can become a source of joy and adventure all year, so enjoy plenty of private time with your beloved. If you're not in a relationship, your electrified energy will begin attracting new admirers in March, so be open to new and eclectic people. Also, the Sun's annual tour of Virgo (your romance house) starts August 23, followed by a new Moon in Virgo August 30, so get ready to step out and meet new people then.

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Happy 2019

Happy 2019, Taurus! Have a wonderful year!

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