Mercury Transit, Full Moon Nov. 2019

Mercury Retrograde In Scorpio, Full Moon In Taurus: Wake Up And Hear Your Soul Talking

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The November 2019 astrology is delivering a "one two punch" - a Mercury transit combined with the full Moon - that's testing our reflexes, strength, and courage.

Today's Mercury transit is a dramatic and beautiful sight. And it's a major occurrence astrologically. But it's only half the story because the second chapter - a full Moon tomorrow - will compound the effects and could bring dramatic news.

Between the Mercury transit of the Sun today and tomorrow's full Moon, the November 2019 astrology is delivering a "one two punch" that's testing our reflexes, strength, and courage.

We may be on the receiving end of these two celestial happenings, but we can turn them to our advantage by paying attention and tuning in to higher frequencies. In fact, by doubling up its communications, the cosmic is doing us a favor by giving us an extra opportunity to get the message we most need to hear right now.

Mercury Transit - What Is It

Mercury's transit of the Sun on November 11, 2019, is a special example of the fairly common alignment called a conjunction, when two heavenly bodies come together in the same sign and degree of the zodiac.

Mercury Transit Of Sun: When And How It Occurs

A Mercury transit occurs only about 13 times in a century, making this phenomenon unusual and noteworthy.

The last time Mercury met with the Sun was this past September 3, when they formed a conjunction in Virgo (one of the signs Mercury rules). After today, these two will conjoin again January 10, 2020, in Capricorn. Yet neither of these conjunctions (one of several just in this year) qualifies as a Mercury transit.

Mercury transits happen when these factors are present:

  • Mercury is on the near side of the Sun in relation to Earth, moving between the Sun and Earth.
  • The current date falls either in May or November. For example, the last Mercury transit occurred in May 2016, with the next one coming in November 2032. In several hundred years, the transit dates will begin shifting to June and December, with the first December transit coming on December 2, 3426 and the first June transit arriving June 2, 3890.
  • The relative positions of the Sun, Mercury, and Earth are such that Mercury, as seen from Earth, will "transit" - that is, pass directly in front of - the Sun and be visible as a tiny black dot against the Sun's brightness.
  • Mercury is retrograde.

Mercury Transit Of Sun: Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

During the November 2019 Mercury transit, Mercury is retrograde as it moves through the astrological sign Scorpio.

Mercury entered Scorpio October 3. It was still in Scorpio when it went retrograde on October 31, and it also will be in Scorpio when it ends this retrograde period on November 20.

At the start of the retrograde, Mercury was at 27º 38' Scorpio, and it will appear to travel backward through the sign of the Scorpion, all the way back to 11º 35' Scorpio, on November 20.

As Mercury aligns exactly with the Sun at the time fo the transit on November 11, both will be at 18º 56' Scorpio.

If you have any planets in Scorpio at or near these degrees or any planets in water signs (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio) or fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), then you're particularly likely to feel the effects of the Mercury transit.

Even if you don't have planets at those points, you still probably will feel a shift or insight, depending on other factors in your birth chart. (And you'll probably notice those around you feeling the effects, too.)

You can find out where the planets were when you were born by getting a free birth chart now. Go to our Free Birth Chart page now to get your chart - it includes tables of the major astrology symbols so you can see where you have Scorpio and whether you have planets in that sign.

Full Moon November 2019

Right on the heels of the Mercury transit, a little more than 24 hours later, on November 12, we'll experience a full Moon.

Full Moon In Taurus

The November 2019 full Moon arrives at 19º 51' of the astrological sign Taurus.

That means the Sun, which always sits exactly opposite the Moon during a full Moon, will occupy 19º 51' of Scorpio.

Together, they will reactivate the energies of the Mercury transit from the day before because they'll be so close to the degree of the transit (18º 56' Scorpio).

Full Moon Reinforces Mercury Transit

Given how close these two celestial happenings are occurring in the same zone of Scorpio, the full Moon will reinforce the effects of the Mercury transit.

In fact, you may have sensed something was up in the days leading to this week. Typically, as the Moon gets closer and closer to being full, its energies build and have observable effects on our emotions and all things liquid (from the tides to our mostly watery bodies).

With the addition of the Mercury transit, in the same sign as the Sun and sitting directly across from the spot where the Moon will become full in Taurus, all of us are feeling an extra layer of tension and may experience extra challenges at this time.

Full Moon Also Amplifies Mercury Retrograde In Scorpio

The full Moon also will amplify the effects of the current Mercury retrograde in Scorpio.

During any Mercury retrograde, life tends to slow down (or events force us to stop or take our time). Information gets muddled, clarity seems hard to come by, and equipment and communication may break down.

The full Moon in Taurus may bring some aspect of life to a head, delivering an insight, encounter, or confrontation that forces us to pay attention and notice something that's eluded us up to now.

What The Combination Of Mercury Transit And Full Moon Mean For You

What does this unusual combination of a Mercury transit and a full Moon mean for you?

Astrology helps unpack this highly charged situation:

  • Mercury represents the mind, both what and how we think. It also is associated with communications, short trips, gadgets (including phones and computers), and anything that comes in twos. It's a zippy little planet that travels very close to the Sun (the center of our solar system), making it most comfortable when traveling at top speed and sharing information.
  • Any retrograde planet points to the past, asking us to go over old ground to reassess, redo, rethink. Mercury's powerful analytical skills help us do just that when this planet goes retrograde, helping us clean up processes and communications before pushing ahead on projects or relationships.
  • Scorpio is the zodiac's detective, spurring us to get to the bottom of any question or situation. This sign takes into the depths, especially our inner darkness, to find and face the truth. With Mercury in this sign, our mental ability will help us take this journey. With the Sun also in Scorpio, we'll have light to guide our way.
  • Scorpio, the Moon, and the retrograde all point inward, asking us to acknowledge and listen to our souls. Mercury's chatter stills a bit at this time, allowing us to be quiet and hear deeper, more significant messages. Allow this process: wake up from daily distractions and let yourself hear your soul talking. Whatever comes up will have great value and could change the course of your life.
  • A full Moon occurs when the Sun sits opposite the Moon. The Sun brings warmth, light, and logic, while the Moon brings coolness, the darkness of night, and the "higher logic" of emotions and intuition. Our task is to balance these opposites, both in terms of the planets involved and the signs they're in.
  • With the Moon in Taurus, we must balance Scorpio's intensity with peacefulness and calm. Taurus is an earth sign, suggesting we can cultivate calm by spending time in nature, nurturing our bodies, and enjoying simple pleasures such as good food and pleasant conversation.

How To Make The Most Of This Opportunity

You can make the most of this astrological "one two punch" by slowing down and noticing what's happening in your life.

Also, allow yourself to experience whatever arises and, as much as possible, observe as events unfold and notice your feelings and reactions. To the extent you can detach, you will see more clearly what's happening and what you're meant to learn or experience.

If possible, spend time alone in nature or curled up with your journal. If you meditate, do so at this time because you may receive helpful and unexpected insights. Use the Scorpio Meditation to help inspire you.

Like an eclipse, this week's astrology gives us the chance to gather new data rapidly, putting us much farther ahead than expected. Take this chance, because your very soul and its upward progress depend upon it.

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