Happy Solstice!

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Happy Solstice 2022!

The Sun enters Capricorn today, making today one of the most meaningful, powerful days of the year: the Solstice.

Relax With Solstice Video, Meditation

The two Solstices bring us the two extremes in our annual story of Light: one happens on the longest night, and the other on the longest day.

That makes today a perfect time to meditate, rest, and help uplift others through spiritual work.

You can tune in to this beautiful, powerful time of year with my special seasonal video, Capricorn: A Meditation For The Solstice. It's designed to help you relax at this time of year so you can be part of the natural harmony that arrives around the Solstice (and which lasts for several days to align the material, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes).

Watch the video now to enjoy its inspiring mix of music, art, nature, and astrology.

Happy Solstice!

I wish you peace and harmony at the Solstice and hope you enjoy this relaxing and uplifting meditation.

See the Solstice video now at: https://astrologeranne.com/142/feel-peaceful-now-capricorn-winter-solstice-video-meditation/

Happy viewing - and happy Solstice!

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