Why Life's About To Screech To A Halt - TWICE and Double Strong

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Head's up: life's about to enroll everyone in this year's session of How To Slow Down 101 (And Thrive).

It's "Double M" mayhem time, with both Mercury (twice!) and Mars (for 2.5 months!) going retrograde during this last part of 2022.

Mercury And Mars Retrogrades Affecting You Through January 2022

Here's the rundown of retro motions you need to know:

  • Mercury retrograde September 9 through October 2 as it moves through Libra and Virgo. Mercury rules Virgo, making this an extra powerful retrograde.
  • Mars retrograde October 30, 2022, until January 12, 2023. Mars will occupy Gemini - the other Mercury ruled sign - the entire period of this retrograde, so it will have some qualities similar to a Mercury retrograde.
  • Yet another Mercury retrograde December 29, 2022, through January 18, 2023 - overlapping the Mars retrograde dates. This one will happen in practical Capricorn, a great capstone to this extended backward look at our lives.

Your Guide To Thriving This Next Quarter

All the Mercury and Gemini/Virgo emphasis involved in these retrogrades will affect all things tech and communication. The slowdowns also will affect travel, gadgets, machinery (anything with moving parts), and thought.

Go to my Mercury retrograde page now to get guidance for making the most of these upcoming retrograde periods. Also, check out the Mercury retrograde podcast for further help.

Use October For New Starts: Key Dates

Every retrograde involving one of the inner planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars) offers a chance to slow down. This year, that goes double because of the Mars-Mercury retrogrades.

Look at your calendar now. Plan to use October 4 - 28 to complete important tasks or initiate anything you must start in 2022.

Plan Ahead To Thrive During Slowdown

With a bit more planning, you can figure out how to thrive even during the end of the year slowdown.

Complete holiday shopping in October if possible; otherwise, stay away from retrograde start and end dates and be sure to save receipts and document transactions.

Plan for being more inward focused. Retrogrades are a great time for self-reflection and improvement. Give yourself extra rest and plenty of time to meditate and complete important tasks.

Retrogrades also are your perfect time to go back over projects, review relationships, and study contracts. With Mars retrograde, that's your cue to look at what drives you and how you focus your time, energy, and assets. Everything you learn will help you take excellent steps to a better life as of mid-January 2023.

Once you get used to it (and we'll have plenty of time for that!), you can begin to see the great value in retrograde times and practice enough to manage them well with help from the Mercury retrograde dates and guidance section on my website!

Welcome To Slowdown 101 - Good Luck!

So welcome to Slowdown 101. Class is in session, and let's all make sure we get straight As.

Good luck, and wishing you "great timing" in all you do (or don't do) for the rest of this calendar year.

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4 comments on “Why Life's About To Screech To A Halt - TWICE and Double Strong”

  1. Hi Anne, I have already booked to travel from the 4th to the 22nd. Do you think that is wrong timing for a trip?

    1. Hi, Geetha. How wonderful you're going on a trip! Actually, retrograde times can be great for taking a break, slowing down...and when we're in slow motion, that can be a good time for a relaxing trip. Just like a Mercury retrograde, do double check all your details, relax into the flow, be prepared for plans to shift a bit, and let yourself enjoy experiences and what unfolds (instead of pushing or rushing). Check out this month's short podcast from my visit to Anna & Raven for comments on taking a vacation during the retrograde: Why Passion's In Slow Motion: November Stars

      I wish you a wonderful time on your trip!

    1. You're welcome, Tippy! Thanks for checking out this post and taking a moment to comment. Good luck with the retrogrades!

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