Mercury Retrograde In Pisces Dates 2000 - 2033: Think Spiritually

Mercury retrograde in Pisces dates - 2000-2033 - what it means, how it affects you
Mercury retrograde in Pisces is a great time to go within through meditation and reflection because it encourages us to think spiritually. Here's how it affects you and how to benefit most from this special period.

When Mercury moves retrograde in Pisces, we have a great opportunity to focus on our inner, higher selves.

Mercury governs the mind, thinking, and communication. Pisces turns our consciousness toward unity, spirituality, and the soul. And any retrograde shifts the focus both inward and backward so we can reckon with the past and improve our inner lives.

With highly rational Mercury in Pisces, it's time to "think spiritually."

As with so many experiences under Pisces's influence, it's a paradox. When we figure out how to resolve it, though, our souls rejoice as we "get it."

Dates For Mercury Retrograde In Pisces: 2000 - 2033

Here's a table of dates for Mercury retrograde in Pisces, covering the period from 2000 through 2033:

February 21 - March 14, 2000
February 4 - 6, 2001
March 2 - 25, 2006
March 23 - April 4, 2012
February 23 - March 17, 2013
January 31 - February 13, 2014
March 5 - 28, 2019
February 16 - March 4, 2020
March 29 - April 7, 2025
February 26 - March 20, 2026
February 9 - 18, 2027
March 13 - 30, 2032
February 18 - March 12, 2033

Look back on past dates for Mercury retrograde in Pisces. Consider how you changed at those times and what you were most focused on.

If you journal, keep a diary, or record your dreams, check the dates listed above for details on your preoccupations during those times.

Then look ahead to coming dates. Use past experience to get a sense of what you may need to address so you can plan ahead.

Mercury Retrograde: How It Affects You

During these times, you may have felt Mercury's trickster energy via misplaced belongings, technology glitches, missed phone calls, travel delays, or itinerary changes.

Although these experiences can cause difficulties or bring frustration, they also can benefit us by forcing us to slow down and take in information we otherwise miss or ignore.

With Mercury traveling through Pisces, the retrograde can feel even more confusing.

Mercury is associated with the rational aspects of life that we experience through thinking, talking, writing, and gesturing. In that sense, it's a highly "left brain" energy. Yet Pisces is anything but left brain: this watery, sensitive sign operates on intuition, impressions, and feelings. So when Mercury travels through Pisces, it feels uncomfortable because its usual skills don't apply or don't work as expected.

Add in a retrograde, and Mercury is doubly uncomfortable in Pisces.

How To Handle Mercury Retrograde In Pisces

When Mercury is retrograde in Pisces, it helps to remember we can't think our way through situations. Not exclusively, anyway.

Instead, we need to feel our way through, use our minds to manage this process, and spend extra time reflecting on what we're really seeing or hearing or feeling.

Between the Pisces energies and the retrograde, it's likely things will not be at all as they seem. Something may feel "fishy" or fuzzy. Let it be that way for now and simply notice the information or impressions you're receiving.

Let Go And Let God

When Pisces is in the picture, the recommendation to "let go and let God" can help us surrender to this process. Whatever we experience has a larger pattern and purpose that won't be evident until sometime later, after the retrograde lifts.

So remember that what appears to be a problem, such as a computer crash, often turns out to be a blessing by pushing us to make changes, such as implementing regular data backups or updating software.

Even "mistakes," such as sending a message to the wrong person, can prove to be blessings: delaying communication with the correct person could allow better information to become available or create a new opportunity to connect with the person who received the message in error.

Whatever its manifestation, Mercury's retrograde encourages us to become comfortable with all things "re" (review, revise, redo, revisit, reflect) so we're in a stronger position when Mercury moves forward.

On a deeper level, Mercury retrograde encourages us to turn inward to reflect and meditate so we can connect with our inner selves. By quieting our everyday, rational mind, we have opportunities to hear from our higher, spiritual mind via intuition or inspiration.

Such spiritual messages, long associated with birds because these airy creatures fly upward toward celestial realms, bring us insights we otherwise would miss.

Making The Most Of Pisces During The Retrograde

With Mercury retrograde in Pisces, we have an even greater opportunity to "think spiritually" because of Pisces's association with spirituality and unity.

Mercury's retrograde motion makes this a good time to revisit the past to evaluate our spiritual lives. At the same time, thinking about Pisces's opposite sign of Virgo (health, work, service) gives us an opportunity to evaluate our work lives and how well we apply spiritual virtues on the job.

During Mercury's retrograde in Pisces, consider how well your work is aligned with your spiritual ideals. Do your efforts serve the higher good? Do you feel called to the work you do? Has your health ever suffered from overwork or from escapist or addictive behavior? What changes can you make this season to bring your inner and outer lives into better balance?

If you seek your answers within, your higher self will send you personalized messages on the wings of a gentle bird in the form of intuition. Or you may receive  other spiritual guidance, such as coming across people who can provide just the right nugget of wisdom you need or discovering new information that becomes the key to solving a problem you have been working on.

Then, when Mercury moves forward, the guidance you received will help you move forward, too.

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Enjoy Mercury Retrograde In Pisces

Enjoy this special, spiritual time while Mercury is retrograde in Pisces. May it bring you precious insights that improve your life on all planes!

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