Capricorn Guided Meditation

What Can I Build?

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During Capricorn time, we feel strong impulses to get serious and make progress in our goals.

Each astrological sign is associated with a phrase, and for Capricorn that phrase is "I use."

This use can be expressed negatively by taking advantage of other people or using resources ruthlessly or selfishly. At its best, though, this urge becomes a patient, mature, and efficient use of spiritual materials to build a sound structure on the inner plane.

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Capricorn Meditation

Imagine your life as a structure you have built. See how it reflects your evolving consciousness and how you have adjusted and improved it over time. Now turn your gaze inward and reach back to recall the moment your soul first turned away from materialism and toward spirituality. In that moment, you beheld an inner chamber choked with dust and debris and illuminated only by a small, dim light. Your inner temple lay in ruins, and your soul cried at the sight. You vowed then to clean this space and to re-build the temple. Lifetimes have you worked, patiently creating a secure foundation. With that platform in place, you began to raise columns and other structural elements. As you worked, you adorned the temple through your loving thoughts, benevolence, and devotion. With each step forward, the light within your temple grew in size and brightness. One day, in some lifetime, that Light will fill your beautiful Temple completely, and you will never again know loneliness for you will be at One.

Build Your Future Consciously

Now is the time to build your future consciously.

You have the power and resources you need to create an inward place that reflects your unique soul beauty.

If you will begin this work, you will come to know why Capricorn's ruler, the stern Saturn who enforces discipline and limits, becomes the smiling, wise elder who bestows just rewards when we rise well to the task that lies before us.

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