The Cancer Meditation

What do I feel?

Cancer meditation - Cancer watercolor painting by Anne Nordhaus-Bike-all-rights-reserved

During Cancer time, we experience strong impulses to open our hearts and take emotional risks.

Each astrological sign is associated with a phrase, and for Cancer that phrase is "I feel." This feeling can be expressed negatively by blaming others when we feel anger, hurt, or other strong emotions or by using guilt and other emotional weapons to harm or control others. At its best, though, this urge becomes a loving commitment to experience emotions, learn from them, and use their energy for spiritual purposes.

Cancer Meditation

Imagine that you are water. Oxygen and hydrogen unite to create your molecules, and your liquid nature causes you to move freely, penetrating everything, everywhere. You flow over hard objects like boulders, around large objects like cliffs, and into receptive materials like soil. In the sky, you mass until clouds become heavy and you fall upon Earth, bringing fertility and new life. Underground, you flow unseen until emerging in healing springs or being tapped for wells. In the highest mountains, you become snow and ice, and in the spring, your power manifests when sunshine and warmer temperatures release the cold and liquify you into a powerful force of nature that rushes downward, swelling rivers and streams as you race to the oceans. In your humility you seek the lowest places, and as you move, you purify. In your patience, you dissolve the seemingly solid and wash away the apparently immovable. You are the power that carves canyons, you are the salt tears of sadness, you are the life-giving water of deserts.

Accept Your Emotional Power

Now is the time to accept your emotional power. You have gifts of a human heart that can feel deeply and human intelligence that can help you ride waves of feeling without being pulled under by them. If you will take up the task of acknowledging your true feelings and aspiring to use them consciously to help create emotional beauty and caring, you will come to understand why the Moon, who lights the night with ever changing mystery, has been called the Divine Mother.

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