Aries Guided Meditation

Aries guided meditation

Who Am I?

During Aries time, we feel powerful impulses to honor our individuality and discover our true identity.

Each astrological sign is associated with a phrase, and for Aries that phrase is "I am."

This energy may be expressed negatively via selfishness, narcissism, or "me first" behavior. At its best, though, Aries inspires us to understand the inner spark, the piece of the Divine that lives within each of us.

Aries Meditation

Imagine yourself as a daffodil. You embody the life force that erupts in nature each spring to bring forth new manifestations of divine creation. From a bulb nourished in the dark womb of earth, your body rises, erect and tall, filled with sap that gives liquid life force. Your green leaves and stem pay homage to your physical roots in nature and earth, while your brilliant yellow flower indicates your ultimate origin in the fiery spiritual realm, the source of all. Your flowery head holds six petals and an enormous crown. Like a trumpet, your sun-like yellow center proclaims the eternal "I am."


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Seek Your True Identity

Now is the time to seek your true identity, your spiritual self.

You already have gifts of energy and courage that equip you to undertake this challenge.

Along the way, you will face obstacles, especially inner ones in the form of personal imperfections and faults.

If you will take up this task, you will come to understand why Aries's ruler, the warlike Mars who takes us into life's battles, becomes the wise and gentle knight at battle's end.

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2 comments on “Aries Guided Meditation”

  1. Hello Añne,
    Thank you, by reading this, it gives me hope and calm, I am a warrior Mar and Aries.

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