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The coronavirus (COVID-19) is turning life on earth upside down.

Wherever you are as you read this, my heart goes out to you as you experience this massive worldwide health crisis.

Coronavirus Uncertainty

One of the greatest challenges we face at this time is uncertainty.

Conditions seem to change daily - even hourly - as country after country grapples with this difficult, demanding, and draining pandemic. Even the most adaptable among us are reeling at times from the continual demand to adjust to disruption that creates a constant state of uncertainty.

Coping With Uncertainty: Get The Facts

Under these circumstances, managing everyday life means we need to brush up on our coping skills. When confronted with shocking events or news, we need to get the facts so we can make constructive decisions from moment to moment.

That means educating ourselves about the coronavirus, including:

  • Finding out how to avoid being infected.
  • Remembering the best ways to take care of our health to stay well and keep immunity high.
  • Learning the virus's symptoms to understand when to seek urgent medical care, either for ourselves or a loved one.
  • Staying tuned in to local and national efforts to prevent the virus from spreading, such as canceling large gatherings, staying home, and washing hands frequently.

How Astrology Can Help: Get The Cosmic Facts

By getting these material, "earthly" facts, we can ease some of the uncertainty and help maintain physical health.

As for mental and emotional health, knowing the "cosmic facts" can help put the coronavirus pandemic into perspective, which will support a calm mind and peaceful emotions.

That's where astrology comes in.

Astrology Predicted Huge Changes In 2020

For several years, astrologers have been watching the 2020 planetary lineup and realized some time ago this would be a wild year.

As of this writing, we're 25% of the way into 2020, and astrology predictions about massive change in 2020 are proving to be correct.

Month after month will bring planetary shifts and alignments that will disrupt business as usual. In some cases, we'll catapult into something new, and in others we'll be held back as if we're in stasis, forced to go over old ground before we can move forward.

Get The Astrology Facts For 2020

You can get the astrology facts for 2020 in my article, Horoscope 2020 Overview (In Depth!) – All Zodiac Signs.

It's long and detailed, and it will give you exact dates to watch for as well as plenty of food for thought to help you navigate this unprecedented year (and the current coronavirus pandemic).

Also, you'll find links to my 2020 horoscopes for all zodiac signs. Bookmark yours and return to it often this year to stay on track.

And Get The Scoop On Uranus: The Great Disruptor

One of the main players in this year's many disruptions is Uranus.

Sometimes called The Great Awakener, Uranus forces us to change by bringing dramatic and unexpected shifts that require futuristic thinking and an "out of the box" mindset.

Check out my article, Uranus In Taurus 2018 – 2025, for the full story on this change meister planet. Like my overview of 2020, this article is long and detailed - and it includes horoscopes at the end for every zodiac sign.

Facts Will Overcome Fear

During uncertain times, it's tempting to give in to fear and panic.

Having the facts can help you avoid that pitfall - and the pit of despair it can create, especially if you succumb to unhealthful actions or panic reactions such as hoarding or impulsive behavior.

By getting the facts, both material and astrological (or cosmic), you'll be well prepared to meet any challenges each day may bring. As you ease into a sense of calm even amid the storms, you'll be able to take advantage of unusual opportunities in these strange times.

Most of all, you will be able to serve others who may need your example - and your coping skills.

Be Well, Stay Well

May this time bring out the best in you, that you may become the light of hope for others.

Be well, stay well.

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2 comments on “Coronavirus Help”

  1. Dear Anne,
    As usual, you have nailed it. Your call and reassuring long-term perspective is much-needed balance in this upheaval that might otherwise provoke unnecessary fear, as opposed to a reasoned approach to precautions.
    All my love,

    1. Thank you so much, Carol! It's a challenging time, yet it's bringing necessary changes - and many opportunities. Thanks for reading and commenting. XO

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