2020 Astrology Podcast

WGN Radio host Ji Suk Yi with Astrologer Anne Nordhaus-Bike and her Follow The Sun astrology book

2020 astrology is going to be huge, and we talked about why during my latest visit to WGN Radio here in Chicago.

Thank you, everyone, for tuning in! Our listeners make astrology on WGN Radio the special experience it is, and we loved hearing from so many callers and texters! Thanks for the opportunity to take your calls and answer your many questions about 2020 astrology!

Now you can listen to the show on the 2020 astrology podcast, which WGN has just posted!

2020 Astrology

Host Ji Suk Yi and her producer, Ashley, welcomed me so warmly to the show. We started out talking about the astrology of 2020 and why it's going to be such a big year.

One of the main reasons 2020 astrology is a game changer: we'll have more eclipses than usual - and they're shifting to different signs.

2020 Eclipses

The eclipses this past year have changed many people's lives - and the world.

That's what eclipses do, in fact. They move us forward, and quickly, by either closing doors or opening new ones.

2020 astrology's eclipses will do just that. And do it several times.

Mercury Retrograde - And Venus And Mars Retrograde!

2020 astrology also will bring many changes because we'll have some extra retrogrades.

Mercury will do its usual three retrogrades in 2020, but it'll be joined by much more rare retrogrades from Venus and Mars. It's critical to watch the timing of these additional retrograde times because they'll have a powerful effect on relationships, finances, and productivity.

2020 Astrology And Eclipses: Calls With Listeners

For most of the show, we took calls from many, many listeners. We also answered questions that came in via text.

Several callers and texters were affected strongly by this past year's eclipses, while others will experience changes from the ones coming in 2020 astrology and eclipses.

We talked about everything from work and health to career and money to love and relationships.

Hear The 2020 Astrology And Eclipses Podcast Now

Thanks again for joining during the live broadcast on WGN Radio!

We covered so much information - 2020 is going to have so much going on. Now, you can hear the entire program and listen to it whenever you want to check in on all that's coming in the jam packed year of 2020.

WGN has just posted the podcast on its website at:


Tune in now and enjoy the podcast. 2020 astrology and eclipses (plus the retrogrades) are going to be big and historic - you can see how you fit into this momentous year and how to make it work for you with the podcast.

Happy listening!

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