Black Friday Astrology Podcast

Astrologer Anne Norhdaus-Bike at WGN Radio for Black Friday
Anne joined Pete McMurray and Mark Carman on WGN Radio to talk about Black Friday and why it's so easy to overspend at this time of year. Hear her astrology analysis of Black Friday and Mercury retrograde - and calls with listeners - on the podcast! (And the video podcast!)

We had a great time on WGN Radio!

Thank you to all the listeners, callers, and texters who make these shows so amazing. We love taking your calls and answering your questions!

Black Friday Astrology

Host Pete McMurray invited me to return to the station to talk about the astrology of Black Friday - especially the insights astrology provides on why we tend to overspend on this day (and throughout the holiday season).

Joining us was fellow WGN staffer Mark Carman, who talked about his upcoming wedding - and his personal astrology.

Black Friday - Why We Overspend, Overdo, Overeat

We started off talking about the "why" behind Black Friday: why we overspend, overdo, and overeat. I shared the astrology of this busy, intense, and often hectic day. Factors in play every year on Black Friday show why this day feels frenzied and why we spend more than we planned when faced with all those good deals and powerful marketing.

Mercury Retrograde

Also, the three of us talked about the Mercury retrograde that just ended last week.

"I don't really understand this, but I know we just got out of Mercury retrograde," Pete said. "Which meant everything was backwards!"

We talked about what Mercury retrograde is and how to handle it well. Said Pete, "Sometimes it can't be a bad thing - sometimes it's good."

We also discussed the possible pitfalls of taking a job when Mercury's retrograde and why it's a good idea to go back to situations from the past, including old jobs or companies, during this slowed down time. As Pete agreed, "You get a second chance, and it could work!"

Current Astrology: Calls With Listeners

After that, we took calls from several listeners who wanted to know about everything from leadership to finances to career.

And everyone at WGN chimed in throughout the show about their own zodiac signs and what's in store for them in the weeks and months ahead. We had a great time talking about Leo energy, especially.

Hear The Black Friday Astrology Podcast Now

Thanks again to everyone who joined us for the live broadcast on WGN Radio!

Now, you can hear the entire program and get all the astrology insights and tips for the zodiac signs with the podcast.

WGN has just posted the podcast on its website at

See The Video Podcast, Too!

You can see a video version of the podcast, too. It's featured on Facebook at:

Enjoy The Podcast

Whether you check out the audio podcast or the video version, enjoy!

Happy listening! Happy viewing!

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