Mercury Retrograde In Cancer Podcast

Astrologer Anne Nordhaus-Bike with WGN Radio host Ji Suk Yi talking astrology - including Mercury retrograde in Cancer.
Astrologer Anne Nordhaus-Bike (right) with WGN Radio host Ji Suk Yi (left) for Mercury retrograde in Cancer show. (Photo courtesy CaSera Heining)

Mercury retrograde in Cancer can be an uncomfortable experience - even more uncomfortable than the usual Mercury retrograde.

You can find out why in the latest podcast from my visit to Ji Suk Yi's show on WGN Radio.

Mercury Retrograde In Cancer

It was great being back with Ji on WGN Radio last night.

Thank you to everyone who joined us live by streaming the show online or tuning in locally here in Chicago!

We opened the show by talking about the big factor affecting everyone these days: Mercury retrograde in Cancer. During a Mercury retrograde (when it looks like this little planet is moving backwards in the sky, as seen from Earth), we tend to see snags with anything related to communications, commerce, transportation (especially cars!), computers, and gadgets.

When a Mercury retrograde happens in Cancer, however, not only do we see these types of snags, but we have a lot of feelings about it. Mercury is a brainy planet most comfortable in air signs and fire signs - yet Cancer is a water sign.

So in Cancer, Mercury has to do more than think: is has to feel and then think through what those feelings mean. This placement also brings up emotions related to security, nurturing, mothers, families, and traditions.

More Astrology: Why You Might Feel Tired

We also talked about how many astrology changes have been in play since early May. (See my article, Why June 2020 Is Making History, for full details.)

We're seeing a dozen major happenings from May through July this year. That's big news, and with all the constant shifts, you might feel tired.

Fortunately, Mercury retrograde - in super nurturing Cancer! - is encouraging us to slow down and rest. That's our best course until late July, in fact.

Horoscope Readings With Listeners

For the rest of the show, we took calls from many listeners.

Nearly every zodiac sign was represented in the calls we were able to take during the broadcast, so be sure to listen to the podcast for news about your zodiac sign and what's happening in your astrology.

Many callers wanted to know about work, including job prospects and family business concerns. Others needed to know about timing for making a career or job change or launching a new service or product.

Others called about real estate, relationships, and romance.

Hear The Mercury Retrograde In Cancer Podcast Now

You can hear the entire program now. And you can listen to it whenever you want to check in about Mercury retrograde in Cancer (and many other astrology factors) or whenever you want to hear the wealth of guidance in all the horoscopes and personal readings for all the zodiac signs.

WGN has posted the podcast on its website at

Enjoy The Podcast

Enjoy the podcast!

Mercury retrograde can be a challenge (especially in Cancer), but having some tips on making it work for you can help you move through this period more easily.

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