Valentine's Day Astrology

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Anne returned to Frank Fontana's top-rated “Design Dude” program, WGN Radio AM 720, on February 8.

Anne and Frank talked about astrology for this year’s Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Astrology

Valentine's Day is a great time to tune in to astrology.

Whether you're already coupled up or hoping to meet someone special, knowing the current astrology can help you make Valentine's Day sweeter. If you know what planets are in play that day - as well as the longterm astrology affecting romance and love - you can plan ahead to create a wonderful day.

If you're in a relationship, it's helpful to know your sweetheart's zodiac sign, particularly for choosing a gift. If you're not in a relationship but you have your eye on someone special you want to meet or else move to a new level of love, you'll have a better sense of how to do that if you know about your zodiac sign and your love interest's sign.

Live Reading

Also during the show, Anne and Frank talked about astrology with another guest who has developed an app for choosing restaurants based on cuisine and other preferences.

Anne gave the guest a live astrology reading for Valentine's Day while they were on the air.

Hear The Podcast Now

WGN recorded this special Valentine's Day program, which has been posted as a podcast on WGN’s website.

Anne's part of the podcast starts at 6 minutes, 45 seconds of the recording.

Hear it now on the WGN Radio website:

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