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Anne Nordhaus-Bike and Frank Fontana discuss astrology WGN Radio
Anne returned to Frank Fontana's WGN Radio show this past Sunday. Hear her astro analysis with Frank now on the podcast!

Looking for a good podcast? Want the latest horoscope updates and astrology?

Then check out Anne's latest podcast from her recent appearance on Frank Fontana's WGN Radio show in Chicago.

Anne's segment starts at 6:49 into the podcast and runs through the end of the show.

Podcast Covers Astrology For Horoscope Signs

Anne and Frank talked about the latest astrology and horoscopes for several zodiac signs, starting with Aries. As Anne explained, Aries people have had a wild ride since 2011, with Uranus in their sign. That rollercoaster ride is set to shift from shaking up Aries and their identities and personalities to their values and earning potential.

Anne also shared updates on some of the major shifts we've seen recently and the ones that are on the way in December and early January.

Podcast Also Features Calls With Listeners

For the rest of the show, Anne and Frank took calls from listeners asking about everything from health concerns to relationships to money. Along the way, Anne shared information about current astrology, including the coming year of major emphasis on Jupiter in Scorpio, the lift Sagittarius will feel after December 19, and some great new possibilities for some of the other signs.

Where Astrology Came From

Also, at the beginning of the show, Frank asked Anne to explain a bit about astrology, especially where this ancient science of the stars began. Anne told listeners about how astrology came from the need to understand the seasons and cycles so ancient cultures could plant their crops at the best time.

Eventually, great wise ones saw the patterns of the sky reflected in activities on Earth, and they began to develop what we now know as astrology. For fascinating explanation of this subject, check out the opening section of the podcast.

Hear The Podcast Now

You can hear the entire broadcast, now available on the WGN Radio website, http://wgnradio.com/2017/11/20/urban-for-suburban-real-estate-its-personality-driven-house-astrologer-talks-about-the-inner-home/

NOTE: Anne's astrology segment starts at the 6:49 minute mark in the podcast.

It's a good podcast for getting ready for the new year that's on the way—and closing out this year, too.

Happy listening!

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