How To Get Your Team To Get Along

Anne Nordhaus-Bike and Frank Fontana with guests on WGN Radio podcast
Check out the podcast from Anne's visit to WGN Radio in Chicago for news about a little known cycle you can leverage to get your team to get along better.

Are you an executive, business leader, or business owner still struggling with a team that just doesn't get along?

Now you have a chance to turn things around. We haven't seen such a strong year for improving business relationships since 2005, so you need to make the most of this powerful opportunity.

Latest Podcast Gives You Secrets To Getting Along

On my latest visit to Frank Fontana's top-rated show on WGN Radio in Chicago, I shared details on a current cycle that you can take advantage of now to improve your team. I also talked about a regular cycle that's coming around again quite soon and will help you go in farther to improve relationships so you can boost your bottom line.

You can get all my tips in the show's podcast, which is now available for you to listen to. My segment begins at 36:25 and continues to the end of the podcast.

From The Physical, To The Metaphysical, To The Psychological: We Have You Covered

During the show, Frank and I talked about common sense steps anyone can take right now to improve their lives and their interactions with others. Besides these simple physical and practical strategies, we looked at metaphysical opportunities and cycles such as your mindset, your astrological indicators, and current natural cycles affecting everyone at this time.

And psychologist John Duffy joined us to offer his insights on human nature and psychological issues that are common whenever people interact with one another.

The 'Hour Of Power'

"I'm calling this the hour of power," Frank told listeners. "Both Anne and John are life coaches, and Anne covers business coaching. And Anne brings the metaphysical to the table, with John bringing the psychological."

"We're really here to help," Frank continued. "As we say on the show, it's not just home improvement—it's life improvement!"

Throughout the broadcast, we took questions from numerous callers and covered their issues in depth from our multiple points of view. Check out the podcast, and you'll find a wealth of simple fixes you can implement right now to strengthen your leadership as you improve your team and its performance.

Hear The Podcast Now

Get all my insights now in the podcast for the show, now available on the WGN Radio website,

TO HEAR MY SEGMENT: Go to 36:25 in the podcast

My segment starts at 36:25 and runs through the end of the podcast.

Enjoy the podcast!

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