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Anne Nordhaus-Bike and Frank Fontana on WGN Radio
Anne shared business relationship tips and "relationship secrets 2017" when she returned to WGN Radio this past Sunday. Listen to the podcast now for ideas to jumpstart your team--and all your relationships. Photo by David Miranda

Host Frank Fontana welcomed Anne back to his top-rated WGN Radio program this past Sunday to talk about the biggest secrets for great work and business relationships in 2017. Now, you can hear all the tips and insider knowledge she shared on the show's podcast. Anne's segment starts at 45:40.

Business Analysis - Impact Of Cycles On Relationships

Anne opened her segment with a business analysis for one of Frank's guests, Mary Nisi, president of the Chicago-based DJ company Toast & Jam. "My jaw's on the ground, I'm so excited!" Nisi said.

Anne started by looking at Nisi's sign and her biggest business opportunities for this coming year. Then she analyzed one of the major cycles now in play that's affecting business relationships and partnerships.

"Partnerships and business relationships of all kinds are in the spotlight this year," Anne explained. "This is the year to really look at all of those and figure out ways to make them great--or move on and get new people into your life and business."

During the conversation, Nisi revealed that the cycles Anne talked about aligned perfectly with how her business started a dozen years ago and how it's changing dramatically right now.

"This is your year to take it to the next level," Anne said.

"Thanks so much," Nisi said. "I got chills--the timing was right on point!"

"And the stars are aligned for you to make the changes you're working on," said Fontana. "The direction you've been pulled in--it's going to happen!"

For the rest of the show, Anne and Frank took several calls and texts, sharing tips and solutions for all kinds of questions and issues. Along the way, Anne spoke about more relationship secrets and keys to improving interactions with others, both on the job and in our personal lives.

Hear The Podcast Now

Get all Anne's insights now in the podcast for the show, now available on the WGN Radio website,

  • Hear Anne's segment, starting at 45:40
  • Check out Frank's preview of Anne's segment and how she works with callers live on air: 4:20 - 6:41

Enjoy the podcast!

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