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Anne Nordhaus-Bike Sept 2015 astrology show on WGN Radio
Photo courtesy Elif Geris

Anne returned to Frank Fontana's show yesterday for a full hour of "Designing With The Stars," her popular astrology segment featuring planetary updates and conversations with callers.

"This is the time of the show when we get real interactive," said host Frank Fontana. Anne is "one of our longstanding experts and friends of the show - we call her family now!"

Libra Astrology In Person

Anne came decked out for "living in harmony" with current astrology, and you can see the photo gallery from the show and hear why her clothes and even her hair fit with Libra astrology in the podcast for the show, which has just been posted. You'll also hear how she used colors to harmonize with the high-power full Moon and total lunar eclipse that occurred just hours after the show.

The Making Of An Artist-Astrologer

Before jumping in to take calls from listeners, Frank took some time to ask Anne about her background and how she came to be an astrologer. "In all the times I've had you on the show, we've never gotten 'deep deep' as to how you got your mystical powers," he said.

What followed was an unusual window on the world of astrology, art, and mysticism - and a reflection on the past. "My father was the mystic in the family," Anne explained. "My mother died in childbirth when I was born, so I never knew her...but my father remarried, and my stepmother always encouraged my art."

"My website is filled with art," Anne continued. "People often ask me 'Why does this fit with astrology?' Well, astrology is essentially a system of symbols, and if you can learn to read color, to read design, to read those symbols, it's actually more powerful than words."

Relationships, Jobs, And More

For the rest of the show, Anne and Frank took calls from several listeners. Many questions had to do with relationships, which came as no surprise, with the Sun in partnership and marriage oriented Libra. Other callers wanted to know about their employment prospects and how to move into more satisfying work. Along the way, Anne and Frank touched on important planetary placements, including the current Mercury retrograde in Libra and the powerful "blood moon" lunar eclipse.

Hear The Podcast Now

Enjoy this information-packed show in the podcast, now available on the WGN Radio website,

Happy listening!

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