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Anne Nordhaus-Bike astrology show on WGN Radio
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Anne's latest appearance on the Frank Fontana Show this past Sunday, August 23, once again drew raves from listeners and attracted many calls and texts. During the program, Anne and Frank talked about Virgo astrology and highlighted the organization Austin Special Chicago.

"It's Sunday, and it's a fun day!" said Frank. "It's fun because one of my favorite guests, Anne Nordhaus-Bike, is joining the show once again today!"

Virgo Astrology And Other Astro Happenings

Throughout the program, Anne and Frank discussed Virgo astrology, the current Venus retrograde, and many other astrological happenings. They also took calls from several listeners, with Anne sharing details on planetary positions and energies, how they affect different Sun signs, and how people can make the most of them.

"When Anne comes on the show, it's a great time," Frank said. "We like to help people."

As Anne explained, "We talk about 'What's the energy?' and then, instead of 'Oh, that could be tough!' we talk about 'What can we do with it?'"

Austin Special Chicago And The Astrology Of Service

Joining Anne and Frank for the second half of the show were executive director Maricel Aban and program directors Denise Badowski and Rebecca Larsen of Austin Special Chicago, a social service organization that assists adults with developmental disabilities due to mental and/or physical impairments. Austin Special Chicago is Anne’s favorite charity; her brother Peter is a client of the organization.

The ladies of Austin Special shared information about the organization's mission and its more than 60-year history of helping clients and their families. They also discussed how listeners can get involved in a wide variety of fundraising opportunities and how families with a special needs child or adult can get connected to take advantage of Austin Special's day and residential programs.

In addition, Anne offered a unique astrological perspective throughout the Austin Special segment, linking the organization to Virgo astrology, a world-famous Chicagoan, and the special power of service to others.

Hear The Podcasts Now

Get all the details on Virgo astrology and other planetary placements and hear even more astrology associated with Austin Special on the two podcasts from the show, now available on the WGN Radio website:

Happy listening!

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