Astrology Of Halloween Podcast

Halloween astrology podcast with Anne Nordhaus-Bike and Frank Fontana on WGN Radio

Astrology And Halloween

Once again, callers jammed the lines during Anne's appearance on the Frank Fontana Show on WGN Radio this past Sunday afternoon. The show featured several guests talking about all things Halloween, including Anne and Frank chatting about how astrology fits in with home and Halloween and taking calls from listeners.

"Anne is one of our regular guests, and when she comes on, people just go crazy because she just nails it!" Fontana said.

"And today we're talking to Anne because Halloween stirs things up and gets energies moving. So if you have things going on in your life or inside your home, and you're wondering 'Why is this happening to me?' we can help."

Sun Always in Scorpio for Halloween

Every year, when Halloween rolls around, the Sun is always in Scorpio.

"The Sun moves into Scorpio every year around October 23," Anne said. " So that means that, no matter what year it is, we're always in "Scorpio time" during Halloween. And that's perfect because Scorpio is so associated with the darker, more edgy side of life and all the things that go bump in the night and scare us silly."

With the Sun in Scorpio all month—including on Halloween—it's no surprise the first caller was a Scorpio asking about all the challenging energies this sign has had to handle lately.

Anne explained how Saturn's energy has made things tough for many Scorpios and required them to step up to the plate in their lives. Those who have taken on new responsibilities and done the hard work required of them stand to benefit once Saturn leaves Scorpio in late December.

"Saturn always benefits us if we take the time and have the patience to do the work we must do," Anne explained.

Hear the Astrology of Halloween Podcast Now

Get all the details on this Scorpio month and Halloween—and hear much more astrology for many more signs with the show podcast, now available on the WGN Radio website,

NOTE: The astrology segment of the show starts at 46:16 and lasts until the end of the recording.

Happy listening! And happy Halloween to all!

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