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Do You Need To Clean Up Your Life?

Has your house or your life gotten a bit cluttered over the summer?

Do you feel the urge to clean up and clear out these days?

If so, you're right on schedule with current astrology.

How Virgo Can Help You Clean Up!

Find out why and what you can do to clean up your life and your home with the podcast from WGN Radio's "Design Dude" show from Saturday, August 23.

During the show, host Frank Fontana welcomed Anne to talk about current astrology and how to use Virgo energy to improve your life and straighten up your home.

"The kids are going back to school, the house is a mess," Fontana said during the show. "In talking with lots of parents, it seems like there's a big, cluttered block going on. Life has been crazy all summer long, and you let life pass a little bit. And before you know it the children are back in school and your house has got piles of stuff."

Virgo and 'Back to School' Energy

Frank and Anne opened the astrology portion of the show by discussing the annual "back to school" energy and the astrology energy in play at this time of year.

As Anne explained, "A little clutter in the summer actually is a good thing. Every summer, around July 22, the Sun goes into Leo, and that's play time. We're supposed to be playing, and we kind of make a mess because creativity comes out of a bit of chaos. But that's OK: we have a month of playing around, and then around August 23 the Sun goes into Virgo, the sign that says, 'OK, let's clean things up!'"

During the rest of the show, Anne and Frank took several calls from listeners with questions about their homes and relationships. Also, Anne offered ideas for using Virgo energy this month to get in harmony with nature and seasonal energies—and streamline every area of life.

"This is the idea of 'following the Sun,'" she said. "You just pay attention to where the Sun is right now, and that tells you what kind of energy we have now. You're in harmony right away, on many levels, if you simply know where the Sun is."

Added Frank, "And if you start with a nice, clean inside, you're going to have a better outside."

Hear the podcast now on WGN

WGN recorded the show and has posted it as a podcast on both the WGN Radio website.

Listen on the WGN Radio website:

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