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Feeling Stuck?

You may be feeling stuck these days, as if your spiritual drain is a bit clogged.

And you could be feeling more emotional than usual or taking things more personally than you typically do. If so, you're right in line with current astrological energies.

How To Get Unstuck - Astrology Podcast

Find out why these feelings have come up and what you can do about them with the podcast from WGN Radio's "Design Dude" show from Saturday, July 5. During the show, host Frank Fontana welcomed Anne to talk about current astrology and how to handle challenging life events and emotions.

"A lot of things have been happening for people I talk to in my design practice and even in my own home," Fontana said during the show. "Things are kind of weird, like there's a spiritual funk, a fog that's come over things. And even when you turn a corner, there's always something wrong and you wonder, 'Can't I catch a break?' If things just continue happening to you and at your house these days, we're here to help you. If your spiritual drain is clogged, this is your show to clear it up. We're bringing in the A-team: we've brought Anne Nordhaus-Bike back to help."

Sun In Cancer - The Solstice - Sets Off Uranus-Pluto Square

Frank and Anne opened the astrology portion of the show by discussing Fontana's recent home challenges in light of his personal astrology. "I had major flooding issues in my house, inside and outside. We had a three-foot pit of water outside, and we had a leaking pipe in the basement that completely flooded it."

As Anne said, "There is major astrological energy right now, so it's not your imagination if you're feeling stressed. Three days before you had the first flooding, the Sun went into Cancer, which is a water sign associated with home and family. Besides bringing the summer Solstice (which already is a high energy time), the Sun in Cancer set off all that really difficult Uranus-Pluto square energy we've been talking about for the past year."

During the rest of the show, Anne and Frank took several calls from listeners facing home-related issues. Also, Anne offered ideas for taking good care of ourselves during this high energy month. "Cancer is the sign of the mother, home, families, tradition," she noted. "When the Sun moves through Cancer, we need to slow down, get extra rest, and feed ourselves properly. In addition, to 'unclog the spiritual drains,' we need to focus on the three water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. We can do this best in three ways: forgive, eliminate, and meditate."

Hear The Podcast Now - And Get Unstuck

WGN recorded the show and has posted it as a podcast on both the WGN Radio website.

Listen on the WGN Radio website:

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