Astrology Podcast - Spring Cleaning For The Soul

Podcast for spring cleaning with astrology show on WGN Radio

Callers filled the phone lines once again for Anne's appearance this morning on Frank Fontana's "Design Dude" program on WGN Radio AM 720. As Fontana said, "Anne is our resident 'astrologer to the stars.'" When people call in, "it's almost therapeutic in a way." Anne provides "this therapeutic answer to people that's based in science and in the stars."

During the show, Frank and Anne focused on how astrology can help listeners do some "spring cleaning for the soul." As Anne explained, "Being an astrologer and an artist lets me bring a unique perspective to the show, looking at how you decorate your inner self, and looking at your stars, so you can do that 'inner decorating' and make your outer environment great and harmonious."

Podcast Up On WGN

WGN recorded the show and has just posted it as a podcast on both the WGN Radio website. During Anne's segment, which runs 17 minutes, 30 seconds, you'll hear:

  • Insights on why spring's astrology is extra powerful this year
  • How Aries can help you do your personal "spring cleaning for the soul"
  • Questions from several callers, with many different Sun signs
  • Answers from Anne on where the planets are now, how they're affecting different Sun signs, and how to work well with their energies

Today's callers included a Leo, a Pisces, and a Virgo; three Scorpios also called in, looking for relief from the challenging energies they've faced by having Saturn moving through their sign. During the podcast, you'll hear specific ideas for handling Saturn (helpful for all signs) and dates on when this energy will lift for Scorpios. Also during the show, Anne offered tips and astrology timing for two WGN staffers, a Cancer and a Sagittarius.

Hear The Podcast Now

Listen on the WGN Radio website:

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Anne's earlier appearances on the show also are available as podcasts. Listen on WGN Radio's "Design Dude" podcast page:

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