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Anne Nordhaus-Bike and Frank Fontana podcast

Anne's Saturday, Nov. 30, appearance on "The Design Dude," Frank Fontana's WGN Radio show, was recorded and has just been posted as a podcast. She and Frank discussed how to use astrology for holiday decorating and took questions from callers.

Hear Holiday Decorating Podcast On WGN Radio Website

You can hear the podcast for the show now on the WGN Radio website.

Record Number of Callers

The show, "Designing With the Stars: Astrology and Holiday Decorating," attracted a record number of callers looking for tips on how to use the astrology of their Sun signs to help with their holiday decor. Nordhaus-Bike and Fontana shared several ideas on how your Sun sign can help you make great design choices as you prepare for the holidays.

Some callers shared poignant stories of the challenges they've faced over this past year and how those experiences are changing the way they celebrate the holidays. Both Fontana and Nordhaus-Bike offered ideas for coping with difficult times and using astrology insights with color and design to help make the holidays more comfortable in order to bring back good cheer even in challenging times.

"The holidays are a time when we can help renew ourselves and restore hope," Nordhaus-Bike said. "But there's not a lot of light outside in the northern hemisphere at this time of year, so getting more light into your house can really help. If your house is dark, you might want to think about bringing more light in as part of your holiday and winter decor. That's just one way holiday decorating with astrology can improve your experience during festive days."

Also, as Fontana advised those undergoing major changes or difficult circumstances, "Just keep your spirits up." Besides adding cheerful colors such as gold to your decor, "Get surrounded by some family and loved ones," he said. For those who may be away from family and friends, the holidays can be a time of reaching out to others in the community in order to feel connected and comfortable. Said Nordhaus-Bike, "Think about ways you might be able to share food with others, whether having people over or helping out at a shelter to restore your sense of purpose and connection."

Hear the Show on WGN or on iTunes

WGN Radio recorded the program and has posted it on the station's website. Hear the podcast now at

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