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Anne Nordhaus-Bike astrology on radio March 2013

Spring astrology was in the air when Anne returned to Jo Vandermeulen's blog talk radio show March 18 to discuss this year's astrology and offer tips to get ready for spring.

She also provided special astrology insights for writers and other creatives as well as business owners and marketers to help make the most of the spring equinox, when we move from one astrological year into another.

Like Anne's two earlier appearances on Vandermeulen's show, the March program drew rave reviews from listeners as well as the host. Vandermeulen, an author and internet promotional expert who broadcasts from Courtenay, British Columbia, called it "another HIT!" and a highly valuable presentation by Nordhaus-Bike.

The Sun's Move From Pisces To Aries: New Month, New Season, New Year

During the show, Anne talked about how "following the Sun" can help us get into harmony with March as a special "power time," when the Sun moves from dreamy, introspective Pisces into fiery, bold Aries. This annual change brings not only a new astrological month but a new season and a new astrological and spiritual year. Anne offered ideas for making this annual shift and benefiting from its tremendous potential for change and insight.

Moon And Mercury In Spring Astrology

Anne also talked about the Moon and how its full phase each month can bring important realizations; the Libra full Moon occurs March 27, bringing insights into relationships. Nordhaus-Bike and Vandermeulen then discussed Mercury's importance, especially for writers and entrepreneurs, and how to leverage its retrograde periods—all of which are occurring in emotional water signs this year, bringing powerful opportunities to engage our feelings.

Art: Potent Tool To Balance "Head And Heart"

Anne also spoke about art, color, and images and how they can help everyone harmonize with astrological and natural energies, tap their feelings, and balance "head and heart." An artist as well as an astrologer, Anne has used art in this way for many years; her All About Your Zodiac Sign sections provide tools so others can do the same.

Anne's Follow the Sun astrology book features her original astrology watercolors. All the paintings—and the book's cover image—are available as gifts through our online art store to help readers harmonize with all 12 zodiac signs and with nature's cycles and seasons.

Recording—With Extra Content—Now Available

Thank you to everyone who tuned in to hear the 30-minute broadcast live. The interview continued after the live show concluded, providing even more practical and inspiring ideas for using astrology.

The full interview lasted about 40 minutes, and a recording of the entire show now is available. To hear the complete interview, visit the broadcast recording page.

PLEASE NOTE: The show's first couple minutes experienced slight technical difficulty, which can be heard in the introduction. Please be assured that ALL of the main presentation comes through clearly, however.

Happy listening! And thank you again to everyone who already has listened to the broadcast and taken time to share it with others.

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