Mercury Retrograde Dates 2019

Mercury retrograde dates - 2019 dates when Mercury is retrograde
Get the dates for Mercury retrograde in 2019 so you can mark your calendar and plan ahead.

Mercury retrograde arrives, generally three times a year, bringing potential for problems if you're not prepared. Use this 2019 retrograde calendar to get ready so you can minimize mishaps and even enjoy the slowdown these periods bring.


March 5 - 28

July 7 - 31

October 31 - November 20



Leo and Cancer


A Few Tips On Managing Mercury Retrograde

The little planet Mercury affects so many areas of our lives, from computers and cell phones to commerce and communication. Knowing when Mercury is retrograde can help you prevents problems and even leverage the slower pace to your advantage.

If you run a business, it's critical to pay attention to Mercury's cycles because its retrogrades typically have a significant impact on all the many activities and equipment required for business success.

Here are a few tips on how to manage Mercury retrograde:

  • About two weeks before a retrograde, back up your computer, cell phone, tablet, and most important files.
  • The two or three days at the start and end of a retrograde are the most disruptive and avoid scheduling important meetings or other events.
  • Keep notes about your experience of Mercury retrograde in a journal, diary, or your calendar and refer to these notes regularly at every retrograde for insights on how these times typically affect you so you can prepare more easily.
  • Keep your schedule looser than usual and avoid stacking up multiple major commitments on a single day if possible.
  • Take this opportunity to slow down, do less, and simply notice your experiences. Write down insights and ideas you want to act on once the retrograde lifts.

For more about Mercury retrograde and how to make the most of its opportunities, see my Mercury Retrograde Dates, Advice article.

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