Plan Your Life With Astrology

How to plan your life with astrology

Welcome to my astrology site! I'm happy you've found your way here.

About Me

My name is Anne Nordhaus-Bike, and I'm an astrologer. I first learned about astrology when I was in grammar school because my father had studied the stars and talked about astrology with me. I became fascinated by this subject, and I later decided to become a professional astrologer.

Since then, I've used the ancient art and science of astrology to help others plan their lives and make them better. I've also applied astrology's principles to my own life.

Through the years, I've seen miracles happen because someone became aware of upcoming cycles and trends and could make smart decisions and avoid difficulties. I've also seen many people make the most of hidden potential and opportunities, turning their lives around and expanding their abilities so they could be happier and be of greater service to others.

My Wish For You: Planning Your Life With Astrology

And that's my wish for you, too: to give you tools and insights that can help you plan your life with astrology.

So you can start living a better, more balanced life. So you can get along better with loved ones, neighbors, and coworkers. And so you can step into your special destiny and give your very best in life.

Why I'm Starting This Site Now

As with anything in life, knowing about something may be interesting, but it doesn't change your life unless you use it.

Astrology is an ancient discipline and a huge topic. It can be easy to get bogged down in complicated terms, unfamiliar concepts, and esoteric debates.

I've launched this new website,, to help you bypass all that. My job is to help you avoid getting stuck so you can focus on what's simple and practical. So you can start using astrology right away and let it be fun and life-changing, instead of a chore.

Coming Soon

I love astrology and how it has helped so many of my clients change their lives for the better. So I'll be blogging about it, sharing things I've learned that can help you, too.

And very soon, I'll also be writing horoscopes to give you a heads up on what's coming. That is the very best way to avoid unnecessary problems and grab life's greatest opportunities.

I'm looking forward to taking this journey with you! Welcome to this new adventure and stay tuned for more astrology!

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2 comments on “Plan Your Life With Astrology”

  1. In checking your information I notice when I put in my time of birth it says "unknown". My time of birth is 7:15 p.m. If I follow the information listed I add 7:15+12 which totals 19.15. How should I list my time of birth if it is 7:15 p.m. Thanks

    1. Sylvia, enter your birth time as 19:15, as you mentioned. FYI: The "time unknown" message has a little check box next to it for people who don't know the exact birth time, so you will just leave that little box unchecked after you put in your birth time. Enjoy your chart!

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